Difference Between Shake and Malt

Shake vs Malt

A milkshake is a favorite cool drink among people of all ages, especially kids. As the name implies, it is a drink that is made using milk, cream, and other ingredients like ice cream, syrup, fruit flavor, sugar etc. It is common to find many different types of shakes on the menu of a fast food restaurant with ice cream and a cherry at the top of the shake in glasses. There is a word malt used for a particular type of shake that contains malted powder. People often confuse between a shake and malt because of their similarities. This article takes a closer look at these terms to come up with their differences.

It was way back in 1887 that malted shake or malt shake was first made by adding malted barley and sugar to milk and shaken vigorously to mix the ingredients. This recipe was intended for small babies as well as those who were old and infirm to bring health benefits of milk and barley to them. With the passage of time, many new cool drinks were invented by trying different ingredients, and the result is there for everyone to see in the form of all the shakes that are available in restaurants and cold drink joints. While all milkshakes contain milk and ice-cream in addition to various flavorings, malts are different in the sense that they contain malted barley in the form of powder or liquid in the milk. You get malt if you add malt powder to any regular milkshake.

You can make countless types of milkshakes as there are many varieties of ice creams available in the market. However, to make malt, you just need to add the malt powder to the ice cream in a blender as the powder gets dissolved in the thick liquid like shake that is formed within a minute or two of blending. The flavor of malt does not go well with many fruits while one can use any fruit syrup or fresh fruit while making a shake.

What is the difference between Shake and Malt?

• Shake is a generic term for cold drinks make using milk and ice creams while malt is a type of shake that uses malt powder as an ingredient.

• Malt powder is malted barley and wheat powder that is intended to give strength to small kids and also to those who are old and infirm.

• The flavor of malt does not match with many fruit syrups while you can use any fruit or flavor while making a shake.

• Malt can contain either malt powder or syrup.

• Malt is just a type of shake while not all shakes are malts.