Difference Between Shaken and Stirred

Shaken vs Stirred

Shaken and stirred are two English words that carry nearly the same meaning. You can shake or stir to achieve the same end of mixing the ingredients in a drink and diluting the flavor. The two terms carry much significance for the bar tenders as often guests ask for shaken or stirred cocktails. The phrase shaken, not stirred is one of the most popular and quoted phrases in Hollywood with the fictional character James Bond saying this while asking for his martinis. This article attempts to make clear the differences between shaken and stirred for the readers.


This is a term that refers to a cocktail that has been prepared by placing the ingredients in a steel jar and then delicately mixing them using a spoon. The long spoon must be held between the two middle fingers and rotated along the circumference of the jar to achieve proper mixing of the ingredients.


Shaken is a term used for cocktails that are prepared after the ingredients are placed inside a jar and covered by a bigger jar and then vigorously shaken by the bartender for a few times.

What is the difference between Shaken and Stirred?

• In a shaken cocktail, the temperature drops significantly as ice cubes melt and make the drink very cold. On the other hand, a stirred cocktail is much warmer as ice cubes do not melt down to make the drink cold enough.

• Shaken cocktail is diluted to a greater extent than a stirred cocktail that appears to be more flavorful and strong.

• Shaken drink is much more violent than stirred drink.

• Some people believe that shaken gin is bruised and stirring is enough to retain its original flavor.