Difference Between Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo vs Conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners are two common FMCG products that are used by one and sundry to keep their hair in good, healthy, and manageable condition. These are closely interrelated items that are enough to confuse a common person until he or she is fully aware of the differences between the two. It was shampoo that appeared on the scene earlier than conditioner, and soon caught the imagination of the people as it gave them an option to take great care of their hair, and to clean their hair of dirt and debris from something that was specifically made for hair, and not skin. Later, conditioner was introduced by the same soap making companies that produced shampoos to make your hair smooth and silky after washing them with shampoo. However, it is not just the order in which a shampoo and a conditioner are used on hair that is important, but also the ingredients and the real purpose behind each of them.

To begin with, shampoos have an altogether different purpose from conditioners. While shampoos are meant to make hair cleaner, conditioners are used to make hair cleaned with shampoo silky smooth and manageable. It is interesting that you don’t get to see an advertisement about shampoo and conditioner being brandished by a celebrity. Shampoo has one advertisement, while a conditioner of the same company is shown in another advertisement. Invariably, the celebrity would say that he uses a particular shampoo to get rid of dirt and debris to keep hair clean, while in another ad of a conditioner, the celebrity would try to convince you to use the particular conditioner to make hair more manageable and smooth to look more impressive. It is thus clear, that conditioners are more for making it easier to comb after cleaning hair with shampoo.

Now that we know both are intended for different purposes, it is prudent to know that there are differences in their ingredients also. Basically shampoos are closer to soaps as they are meant to remove dirt from hair. However, the ingredients in a shampoo are gentler than those in soap and see to it that sebum, which is a protective covering of hair, does not get washed away while washing hair. Wash your hair with soap and see the difference as sebum gets washed away and hair become rough. Conditioners are even gentler on your hair than shampoos and contain moisturizers and proteins for health and bounce of your hair.

pH values of shampoos are also different from that of conditioners. It is natural for both to be acidic in nature, though conditioners look after internal health of your hair, while shampoos remain involved with outer cleaning of hair. Thus, conditioners have a higher pH value to help produce amino acids for better health and shine of hair. These days differences between shampoos and conditioners are reducing as both are being fortified with vitamins to confuse people more. However, the thing to be noted is that even the vitamins added to a shampoo are different from vitamins used in a conditioner.

One difference between shampoo and conditioner pertains to the way they are used. Shampoos produce a lot of lather, and are to be kept on hair for a few minutes before rinsing hair with water. Conditioners disappoint in this aspect as they do not produce lather and are applied after hair has been cleaned with a shampoo.

What is the difference between Shampoo and Conditioner?

· Shampoo is meant to clean hair, while conditioner is meant to make them smooth and more manageable.

· Shampoo has a lesser pH value than conditioners, though both are acidic in nature.

· Shampoos produce more lather than conditioners.

· Conditioners are gentler than shampoos on hair.