Difference Between Shellac and Gel

Shellac vs Gel

Shellac and Gellish are two similar beauty products meant to give a manicure to the hands of the user for a period of 2 weeks. There are only minor differences between these two products that pertain to ease of application and the way they are taken off. This article is to enable readers to decide upon either of the two formulations launched by rival companies on the basis of analysis of their features.


Shellac is a brand name of the manicure product that has been formulated and marketed by Creative Nail Design (CND). Shellac looks and feels like nail polish, but one feels the difference in the manner in which it dries up. There is also the requirement of treatment of color with UV lamp by a professional which means that it is difficult to be used at home as the company does not promote a DIY kit.

If you have seen the advertisements of Shellac, you know how company has tried to promote it saying it is On like polish, Wears like gel, and can be taken off in minutes. It wants to convey the message that it is easy to apply and also lasts long without any wear and tear like chipping and peeling if applied correctly by a professional.

There is no smudge which is a big relief for all those women who got irritated waiting endlessly for their polish to dry up so they can move around doing chores jobs. Yes, you cannot remove Shellac like nail polish, but it really takes just 10 minutes for a professional to remove the product completely from your nails. Just a single salon appointment and your nails are beautiful for 2 weeks and more.


Gellish is a nail product introduced by Nail Harmony and is very similar to Shellac. It is applied just like Shellac but lasts longer than Shellac. This is because of the fact that different layers of Gellish have more strength than the layers of Shellac. One does not need the help of a beauty professional to cure her nails by using a UV lamp. This can be done at home LED lamp. In fact, curing takes much less than taken by Shellac.

Gelish has an additional product in its ingredients that seems to provide strength to nails. Thus, for all ladies who want to grow their nails, it is better going for Gellish simply because of the strength it provides. However, because of this additional strength, it takes a minute or two more to take off Gelish than Shellac.

Shellac vs Gel

• Gellish has more colors for the consumers than Shellac. There are 72 shades in Gellish in comparison to just 24 in Shellac

• Gellish has DIY kits to let customers try this manicure at home, but Shellac does not believe in DIY kits and wants customers to go to beauty salons for the treatment

• Gellish lasts longer than Shellac

• Nails have to be buffed while applying Gellish while there is no buffing in case of Shellac