Difference Between Shipping and Delivery

Shipping vs Delivery

Shipping and delivery is a phrase that can be seen in the terms and conditions mentioned in websites that sell products to their customers. Most people tend to think that shipping and delivery are synonymous terms. However, despite many similarities, there are differences between shipping and delivery that will be talked about in this article.


Every company that sells products online sends the ordered items to the addresses of the customers by shipping them. Shipping is the term that is used when small items are required to be sent to the customers. Examples of items that are normally shipped are shoes, clothing items, small gadgets and appliances, accessories, books, etc.


Delivery is a term that is used for sending items that are large in size and require special packing and handling. Televisions, furniture items, mattresses etc. are delivered at the addresses of customers.

Shipping vs Delivery

• Companies send emails to customers giving a shipping date as well as a delivery date. Shipping date tells that the product has been mailed on the given date while delivery date is the date when the customer receives the product.

• Shipping is the term used for small items while delivery is the term used for larger items.