Difference Between Shroud and Hexproof

Shroud vs Hexproof

Hexproof and shroud are special words that are used for magical abilities in card games. These terms are not used in everyday conversation and only those who are fond of magic and card games know how to make use of these abilities to counter or tackle an opponent. There are many similarities in shroud and Hexproof confusing the gamers. Despite similarities, there are differences that will be highlighted in this article.


Shroud is a magical ability that makes a creature very strong and able to withstand the magical spells. The creatures that have this ability are not affected by sorceries and enchantments. A creature cannot be the target of a spell if he is shrouded. However, there are spells that can affect even shrouded creatures as these spells do not target particular cards. Shroud is an ability that can be good for a player as well as bad. The ability was there for a long time, but it got mentioned as one only in Future Sight. Shroud is mostly seen on green and blue cards though some white cards also offer this ability.


Hexproof is a special magical ability that prevents a creature from being harmed by the spell of your opponent. If you have Hexproof, you can target creatures and can cast spells like Giant Growth or Holy Strength, but your opponents cannot remove these abilities from the creatures with their spell of ability such as Doom Blade. However, there are cards that affect all creatures irrespective of their magical abilities and Hexproof creature can still be affected by one of these cards such as Supreme Verdict.

Shroud vs Hexproof

• Shroud is evergreen while Hexproof is a static ability.

• With Shroud ability, a player cannot be the target of a spell.

• Hexproof means the creature cannot be a target of abilities under the control of your opponent.

• Hexproof is better than Shroud as you can penalize your opponent, but you cannot do so with Shroud.

• Even Hexproof does not make you impregnable as there are some cards that affect all creatures such as Supreme Verdict.