Difference Between Sight and Site

Sight vs Site

Cite, sight, and site are three English words that are homonyms. This means that students learning English have to be careful when they hear these words as all three have same pronunciations. Thankfully though, all three have different meanings and are used in different contexts. There is especially much confusion in the minds of people regarding sight and site and they incorrectly use one of these when they should have used the other. This article takes a closer look at sight and site to come up with their differences.


Sight is one of the primary senses, and we make sense of the world around us with the help of our sense of sight. We also talk about our eye sight when we have any difficulty in seeing clearly close or far away objects. This word is also used very commonly in the world of tourism to refer to tourist sites or places of attraction. Take a look at the following sentences to understand the meaning and usage of the word sight that is a noun.

• Do not forget to see the sights when you visit the city of New York.

• My eye sight seems to have become weak.

• Use the word sight whenever talking about sightseeing.


Site is a noun that refers to a location or a place (normally of a structure). It is also used as a website these days. Take a look at the following examples to understand the meaning and usage of the word site.

• The site of crime was heavily cordoned off by the police.

• The site for the new hospital was chosen after much deliberation.

What is the difference between Sight and Site?

• Sight is one of our primary senses that allows us to see things around us.

• Site refers to the location or place of a structure or a building.

• Site is also used to refer to a website on the internet.

• You go for sightseeing and not siteseeing.

• Our eyesight grows weak when we become old.

• Sight is our ability to see while site is a particular location.

• The company provides onsite warranty on its water purifiers.