Difference Between Simulated Diamond and Lab-Created Diamond

Simulated Diamond vs Lab-Created Diamond

Simulated diamond and lab created diamond are diamonds which are made through technological process. Before discovering these two processes, these stones were made by nature; creating this stone is a long geological process. But with man’s wisdom, diamonds are no longer as hard to find as it was before.

Simulated Diamond

Simulated diamonds were developed not too long ago. They are developed with the use of technology. Commonly, they call these stones as cultured or manufactured diamonds. There are only two major methods in creating a simulated diamond crystal. The first one is called the High Pressure High Temperature method or HPHT. Usually two anvils are to be used, one going up and one going down. These two supply the heat.

Lab-created Diamond

Lab-created diamonds are still real diamonds except that they are made inside a laboratory rather than mined. There is no real difference between lab-created and naturally mined diamonds. They are of the same material and the structure itself is closely alike that their differences can only be detected using special instruments. Lab-created diamonds are normally in use due to the difficulty one has to endure in getting diamonds from nature.

Difference between Simulated Diamond and Lab-Created Diamond

Simulated and lab-created diamonds are both used in the place of the original, mined diamond. Theses do not have a lot of differences. Sometimes these terms are used by sellers usually online and, most of the time, they are used interchangeably. Simulated diamonds are not created diamonds. Chemically, they do not have the same materials. In simulated diamonds, they use a simulant which is a different type of gem rather than a true made diamond. Real mined-diamonds, simulated diamonds and lab-created diamonds may look alike but only lab-created has the same material with the real one.

Diamonds are very pricy stones. Thus it is really important to check the diamond out before purchasing them. In that way you won’t have regrets.

In brief:

One can say that all simulated diamonds are created in a lab; but not all lab-created diamonds are simulated.

Lab-created diamonds have the same component with the mined ones; while simulated diamonds have a simulant mixed to it.