Difference Between Sith and Jedi

Sith vs Jedi

Sith and Jedi are the terms used for members of two orders or organizations in Star Wars movie made by legendary movie maker George Lucas. These are fictitious titles that are not found in reality but have become very popular because of the box office success of the movie and its sequels. There are many similarities in Jedi and Sith confusing people. This article attempts to highlight their differences to clear the doubts in the minds of the people.


Jedi is an order in the Galactic Republic that believes in the light side of Force and has been playing the role of the guardians of peace and harmony. The members of this order are monk like, and they practice contemplation and mediation to make use of the life Force. They have disciplined themselves in a very rigorous manner and remain calm in all situations. Jedi understand the value of power they receive from the life Force and respect and use it with a sense of responsibility. The order of Jedi has many different classes or ranks that a Jedi can rise if he learns self-control and works for the cause of good. The higher ranks in the Jedi order are Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and finally Jedi Grandmaster.


Sith is a term that is used by the creator of Star Wars for an organization that associates itself with the dark nature of the life Force that is present in all of us and also binds the Universe together. Those who have been following the movie series and read the books and comics know that the term Sith was first mentioned to refer alien species that lived in planets Ziost and Korriban. These aliens were captured, defeated, and enslaved by Dark Jedi that had been expelled from Galactic Republic. Now as we all know, Jedi is an order that believes in the light side of the Force, but when a splinter group refused to adhere to only the lighter side of the Force, they were expelled by Jedi that started the hundred year darkness. Exiled, dark Jedi somehow found alien species, and after hundreds of years of inbreeding between exiled Jedi and these aliens, a new order emerged that was called Sith. Sith are characterized by their hatred for Jedi and their lust for power.

Sith vs Jedi

• Jedi play the protagonist while Sith are the antagonist in the Star Wars Universe.

• Jedi are wise warrior monks while Sith are the descendants of dark Jedi and the aliens.

• Sith hate Jedi, and they crave for power.

• Jedi are the custodians of peace and harmony in the Galactic Republic,

• Jedi treat Force with a lot of respect and they understand their responsibility.

• Jedi are selfless and exercise a lot of self-control.

• Sith make use of extreme emotions to tap the power of Force.

• Sith are not inherently evil but become blind with passion and emotion.