Difference Between Skit and Sketch

Skit vs Sketch

Most people think of a skit to be a short comic performance like a sketch and, therefore, tend to use these two terms interchangeably. Even those who happen to be in the profession of drama consider a skit a sketch. However, the two are not the same and despite having many similarities, there are differences between skit and sketch that will be highlighted in this article.


A short comical act or scene in theater or a piece of humor in literature is termed as a skit. A theatrical short episode is labeled a skit. The performer does not have a script and improvises according to his style during a skit. A skit is a short performance that does not need rehearsals. It usually coveys a single point and one can learn it fairly quickly. No props are needed by the actor to do a skit on stage. There is minimal or no characterization in skits and most of them are humorous. The important thing in skits is conveying a point across the audience than portraying a character. There are some skits that try to convey a deep message.


Sketch is an act that comprises comedy scenes of short duration. Sketch finds its roots in burlesque and has a beginning, middle, and end to make it comparable to a stage play. A sketch has all the elements of a stage performance. Sketch makes use of a script, and though the actor can improvise a bit, there are lines that help in carrying the story forward from one point to another. Props are a major requirement of a sketch and the actors also depend heavily on costumes. Rehearsals are required to present sketch on stage, and it is clear that a sketch is not just about an act but also about presenting a character in front of audiences. There is a director who takes charge of a sketch and decides the postures and the positioning of the actors during the sketch.

Skit vs. Sketch

• Sketches are comic scenes of duration 1-10 minutes performed by actors on stage.

• Skit is a comic act performed by an actor that is satirical and conveys a message.

• Skit does not have a script while sketch has a script.

• There is no beginning, middle, and ending in a skit while a sketch has these elements.

• There is a lot of improvisation in skit but much less in sketch.

• There is no need of a director in skit but there is a director in charge of a sketch.

• Props and costumes play an important role in a sketch, but they are not important in a skit.

• No memorization of lines is required in a skit, whereas sketch require rehearsals.