Difference Between Smoothie and Juice

Smoothie vs Juice

Health conscious people have always desired to get the nutrients of green vegetables and fresh fruits in the best possible manner. This desire has led to evolution of two similar yet different methods of drinking these treasure houses of health, namely juices and smoothies. There has always been a hot debate among people as to which one of the two methods is healthier or better for us, juicing or blending. While here can be no two opinions about the freshness of juices, there are the lovers of smoothies who are fond of its rich and creamy taste. Let us find out the differences between juices and smoothies, and if one is any better than the other.


Juice is a drink that is obtained when you press vegetables or fruits inside a juicing machine. This machine is designed to discard the pulp of the fruits and vegetables. Thus, in the simplest of terms, juice is the liquid extracted from a plant or a fruit with all the fiber of the product getting removed in the process. Juicing process removes not just fibers but also some of the proteins present in these fibers. However, drinking juices is very beneficial to our bodies as they get easily digested, and the body does not need to exert any effort to get nutrients from them. If there is any juice inside a vegetable or a fruit, it can easily be extracted with the help of juicing machines.


Smoothie is a drink that is obtained after blending different fruits and vegetables. What this implies is that a smoothie is basically the same food item but in a liquid form as it retains all its ingredients, including fibers. The fibers of fruits and vegetables get broken in a smoothie, but they remain inside the smoothie making it thicker and creamier than a juice. You can make a smoothie by using many different food materials and not just fruits and vegetables. All it takes is a powerful blender to blend the ingredients together to a consistency where you can easily drink the product.

Smoothie vs Juice

• Juices are thinner than smoothies.

• Juices are free from fibers and hence easier to digest than smoothies.

• Smoothies contain fibers and some more proteins than juices.

• Juices are limited to fruits and vegetables whereas smoothies can be made of diverse food items including herbs and seeds.

• Juices get absorbed by our body faster than smoothies.

• Smoothies are creamier than juices.

• Juices are made using a juice extractor while a blender is required to make smoothies.

• Smoothies are good for food products that are starchy and hard to digest by our bodies.