Difference Between Snickers and Baby Ruth

Snickers vs Baby Ruth

For all candy bar lovers, it is really very difficult to choose between two of the most popular candy bars in the country, Nestlé’s Baby Ruth, and Mars Incorporated’s Snickers. This is because both contain more or less the same ingredients and also taste a lot similar. Just like Pepsi and Coca Cola, the two soft drink giants, these two candy bars have loyal armies of fans who are out there to prove their candy bar is better than the other. Though it is really a matter of choice and taste, this article takes a close look at the two candy bars to come up with the differences between them.


Snickers is a candy bar made by Mars Incorporated. It is made up of peanut nougat that is mixed with caramel and roasted peanuts. All these are finally covered with milk chocolate. Company launched Snickers way back in 1930 and rumor says they named it after the favorite pony of the owner of the company. Interestingly, Snickers was sold under the brand name marathon in UK till 1990’s. The calorie content of a bar of Snickers is around 250.

Baby Ruth

This odd looking name is that of a candy bar made by nestle. According to insiders, the name was inspired by the name of the daughter of President Cleveland and not by babe Ruth who was a baseball player. This candy bar was first introduced in the year 1900, making it one of the oldest surviving candy bars of the world. The main ingredients of Baby Ruth are peanut nougat caramel, and peanuts all covered in milk chocolate.

Snickers vs Baby Ruth

• The size of peanuts in Snickers is smaller than the size of peanuts in Baby Ruth.

• The chocolate over Baby Ruth crumbles upon putting it inside the mouth while the chocolate covering of Snickers is very creamy.

• In Snickers, all three ingredients, the nougat, caramel, and peanuts are covered under chocolate whereas in baby Ruth there seems to be a nougat center covered by chocolate with peanuts around this center.

• Snickers is owned by Mars Incorporated while baby Ruth is owned by Nestle.

• Baby Ruth is older than Snickers.