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Difference Between Snow and Ice

Snow vs Ice

Snow and Ice are two things that are considered one and the same according to many. Strictly speaking there is some difference between the two. Snow and ice mainly differs in the method of their formation.

Ice can be formed due to cool frozen winds that tend to convert transparent flowing water into becoming solid. On the other hand snow is formed naturally due to the effect of the seasonal and climatic conditions. In other words it can be said that snow naturally falls on to the earth in consonance with the climatic conditions. This is one of the main differences between snow and ice.

There is a common characteristic between snow and ice. It is true that both ice and snow are made up of water. When atmospheric vapor becomes frozen it becomes snow and it is quite natural that it falls in winter on earth. On the other hand ice is nothing but frozen water. In short it can be said that snow is frozen atmospheric vapor whereas ice is frozen water.

Ice can be formed artificially too whereas snow cannot be formed artificially. This is an important difference between snow and ice. Ice can be formed artificially in the refrigerator in our home whereas snow cannot be artificially formed or produced in our refrigerator. It hs produced and formed naturally due to the effect of the climatic conditions and seasonal changes.

Snow can thus be seen only in winters in the areas characterized by high altitudes. It is interesting to note that snow can be seen also in areas near the Polar region. Ice is used in the making of cool drinks to quench our thirst in summer. On the other hand snow is not used in the making of cool drinks. Ice blocks are added in water to make it cool.


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