Difference Between Snuggle and Cuddle

Snuggle vs Cuddle

Hug, embrace, snuggle, cuddle are some English words that describe acts of intimacy shown by human beings towards another human being. All these acts are physical in nature with one person embracing another in his arms. Snuggle and cuddle are two verbs that are almost similar in meaning with dictionaries giving one as the meaning of another. This confuses many people, and they start to use these words interchangeably. However, cuddle is not a synonym of snuggle and this article attempts to highlight the differences between the two action words.


Snuggle is a word that is used when one person lies in close contact with another person in an attempt to draw comfort, to show affection, or to give warmth. This word actually refers to the act of moving closer to another person in a very intimate fashion. Snuggle is an act that is romantic and even sexual in nature as this act is mostly performed by lovers and spouses. Snuggling is done mostly while lying down on a bed though people snuggle up to each other even while sitting as they lean against each other. The important thing to remember in snuggle is that the bodies of the two people are in close contact during this act.


Cuddle is an act of warmth and affection as it involves two people where one is embracing another person by wrapping his arms around that person. Cuddle is usually performed while lying down or sitting. Cuddling brings two individuals in a close contact with one another in such a manner that they seem to be locked together for the duration for the act. Two lovers cuddle each other in a way to express love. It is an affectionate embrace.

What is the difference between Snuggle and Cuddle?

• You can cuddle your son or daughter, but you snuggle up with your lover or spouse.

• You make use of your hands more in cuddle in a bid to embrace the other person while in snuggle the attempt is more on drawing closer to the other person.

• Snuggle is always romantic or sexual, whereas cuddle can be simply affectionate too.