Difference Between Society and Community

Society vs Community

Society and Community are two words that are often confused as words that convey the same meaning. Strictly speaking they are two different words that convey different meanings.

The word ‘society’ refers to all classes of people or people at large. On the other hand the word ‘community’ refers to a particular ‘class’ of people. This is the main difference between the two words, society and community.

It is interesting to note that the word ‘society’ has its adjectival form in the word ‘social’. On the other hand the word ‘community’ has its adjectival form in the word ‘communal’. The word ‘community’ refers to ‘all the people living in a specific locality’. It is important to know that the specific locality is inclusive of its inhabitants. Sometimes the word ‘community’ is used to indicate ‘a group of people having the same religion or profession’. This is what is understood from the expressions ‘immigrant community’. It is quite natural that any immigrant community has commonness when it comes to profession, religion or occupation.

The word ‘community’ is used in the biological sense too so that it means ‘a group of animals or plants that live or grow in the same area’. The word ‘society’ on the other hand indicates the totality of the human conditions. It also indicates the independent nature of the human beings in a set up. The word ‘society’ refers to social community. It indicates the social way of life of human beings as in the expression ‘high-society’. The word ‘society’ refers to the customs and the practices of men and women.

Thus it can be seen that the word ‘society’ has more number of suggested meanings than expressed meanings. On the other hand the word ‘community’ has varied expressed meanings but a few suggested meanings.