Difference Between Society and Social Group

Society vs Social Group

Though there appears to be a similarity between both, there are some interesting differences between society and social group. In fact, society and social group are two different concepts altogether. Society is a large collection of humans who share interpersonal relationships and common values and a norm system, residing in a particular geographical territory. A society may be characterized by patterns of relationships among individuals and they may share same cultural values, adhering to a particular norm system. A social group, on the other hand, is a collection of more than one individual, sharing common characteristics and shares a unity among the group members. Society, in a way, can be considered as a large social group.

What is a Society?

Society is a group of people who live in a common territory, more or less sharing the common culture and other social institutions. Usually, the members of a particular society have their own political, economical and cultural setting. Also, members in a society may share persistent interrelationships as well. A society may have some diversifications as well. There can be social stratifications, dominance of power and sometimes there may be deviant groups as well.

However, a society benefits its members in various ways. The society brings diverse individuals together in order to achieve a common goal and sometimes it is difficult to get certain things done individually. Moreover, there can be different ethnicities, religions, castes and classes in a particular society. Even though the members follow different religions and ethnic groups, they share a common political, value and a norm system. There is always interdependence among the members of a society.

What is a Social Group?

Social group consists of two or more individuals who share similar attitudes, values and interests. There is always a unity among the members of a social group. Society can be considered as a large social group. It should be noted that a mere collection of people cannot be considered as a social group. Always there should be cohesion among the members in a particular social group. A social group may have same values, interests and they sometimes belong to same ethnic, religious and cultural group as well. However, a social group may not necessarily consist of same ethnic or religious members. A social group may be formed due to several reasons. The members might work towards a common goal, and there can be similar social relationships such as power, social rank or kinship or the members might have same social interactions within a particular group.

Difference Between Society and Social Group

What is the difference between Society and Social Group?

We can identify the concept of society and social group in different ways. If we consider about the similarities of both situations, we can see that both society and a social group are kinds of groups. In both cases, the members share common values and they work towards a common goal. Both society and a social group consist of more than one member as well. Further, there is always interrelationships and interdependence among society’s and social group’s members. In both instances, there can be members of different ethnicities, religious groups, etc., but sharing common values and interests.

• When we consider about the differences we can identify that societies are comparatively larger than a social group.

• Also, a society is a collection of various social groups.

• Within a particular society, there can be a lot of social groups.

• Society may enjoy people who have different values, beliefs and cultural practices but in a social group, the members more or less share common characteristics.