Difference Between Solicited and Unsolicited Proposals

Solicited vs Unsolicited Proposals

Solicited and unsolicited proposals are oftentimes called business proposals and are both considered as an important part of any sales process. Proposals as usually tossed around the business universe and most buyers and sellers have come across a proposal or two. But what is the difference between unsolicited and a solicited proposal?

Solicited Proposal

A solicited proposal is usually a response to a published requirement, most of the time this is done in writing. Usually, requirements are contained in RFP/Request for Proposal, IFB/Request for Bid or in an RFQ/Request for Quote. RFP’s are normally issued by customers and this shows a detailed requirement of what customers want. They are normally issued during those times wherein the customer’s needs are no longer met.

Unsolicited Proposal

On the other hand, an unsolicited proposal, as what its name imply, is not a response to any buyer’s need. Most of the times, this type of proposal is being used to advertise a new product. They come in brochures or leaflets. Usually, these proposals have indirect connection to what customers need; thus, as said above, the proposal is just used to introduce the product.

Difference between Unsolicited and Solicited Proposals

The difference between these two proposals can be identified through their names. Solicited proposals are presented as an answer to a need. Unsolicited proposals are used to initiate the sales process, they usually show the customers why they would need this product. Solicited proposals are often welcomed; however due to the increasing number of unsolicited proposals today, customers don’t pay attention to them. Solicited proposals are presented because they are wanted by the customer; but an unsolicited proposal is like telling the person how you can help even if they do not require you to help.

Solicited proposals are submitted because they are needed, on the other hand, unsolicited proposals are submitted even if they are not needed, it is the proposal that usually tells the person that they should need the product they are proposing.

In brief:

• Solicited proposal is a response to a need; unsolicited proposal are used to advertise a new product, it usually show why customers would need the product that is being advertised.

• Solicited proposals have requirements to meet; unsolicited proposals are general and has indirect connection to customer needs.