Difference Between Sony PSP-3000 and PlayStation Vita

Sony PSP-3000 vs PlayStation Vita | PSP vs PS Vita

If there is one gaming device that has held its sway ever since it was launched, it is PlayStation from Sony. Despite stiff competition from Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s gaming devices, PSP has remained extremely popular among gamers because of its excellent features. PSP 3000 has been the most loved gaming device from Sony so far and so when Sony announced the unveiling of its much anticipated PlayStation Vita last night (7 June 2011), it is only natural for gamers to find if Sony Vita has something new to offer to them and if it is better than PSP 3000 or not.

PSP- 3000

Third in the PSP series, PSP 3000 was launched in 2008 after stupendous success of PSP 1000 and PSP Slim & Lite (2000). It was even more light and slimmer than its predecessors, had a built in microphone and a larger and better display. It had video out feature that allowed gamers to enjoy their games on their huge TV sets. PSP 3000 is equipped with a battery that allows for non stop gaming for 4-5 hours and also allows one to watch 2-3 movies in one go.

PSP 3000 has a large, 4.3 inch LCD screen that is extremely bright and produces really high contrast ratios. It is anti glare that allows one to play in any light conditions, even outdoors. It allows Wi-Fi access which means players can chat with other gamers online while playing online games. One can even make free calls using Skype with PSP 3000 and browse the internet. Mass storage device like UMD allows gamers access to thousands of games and movies while scores of such games are also available on the web. One can get to many talk shows, movies, pod casts, internet radio and much-much more and watch all the content on his TV at the same time. PSP 3000 is available for $129.99.

PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

For the last one year or so, Sony has been planning its NGP or next generation portable gaming device. PlayStation Vita signals the end of the PSP series as it launches the ultimate gaming device. Well, to be fair, it is a worthy successor to PSP that tries to assuage hurt feelings after a miserable PSP Go. Vita means Life in Latin, and Sony has tried to come up with a device that takes video gaming out in the real life.

Though Vita resembles PSP 3000, it is much more compact. It has a wide 5 inch screen (with a feature of multi touch display) that produces a resolution of 960×544 pixels, almost catching up with an iPhone’s brightness, providing a thrilling gaming experience. On the rear side it has a multi touch pad that gives a new gaming experience. Vita has a much faster CPU and GPU, and the OLED screen provides for much wider gaming angles without fadeouts that were common in PSP 3000. Vita has an oval shape that allows a better and more comfortable gripping of the multi touch pad located at the back of the device.

Vita is equipped with three-axis gyro sensor, three-axis accelerometer, and a three-axis digital compass (assuming gaming on the go). Vita is a dual camera device with a front and a rear camera for those fond of clicking. Though there are lots of games available through Playstation Store, there are many more available in retail stores and Sony is releasing many new titles to enjoy with with PS Vita. In addition to built in microphones, Vita also has built in stereo speakers. It has Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth v2.1+EDR (supports A2DP for stereo headset) and mobile network connectivity (for 3G + Wi-Fi model only). For location based it has built-in GPS with 3G + Wi-Fi model.

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is also releasing two applications ‘Near’ and ‘Party’, which will come pre-installed  with PS Vita. With ‘Near’ users can find out what games nearby PS Vita users are playing and share game information. The application also allows location based gaming feature like sending virtual gifts. The application ‘Party’ is for social networking, it allows voice chat or text chat with other PS Vita users.

Vita is available at a price of $249 for Wi-Fi while 3G+Wi-Fi model is available for $299.

Comparison Between Sony PSP-3000 and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

• PS Vita has a bigger screen (5 inch) than PSP 3000 (4.3 inch)

• PS Vita display has a much better resolution (960×544 pixels) than that of PSP 3000 (480×272 pixels)

• In addition to the two analog sticks PS Vita has a multi touch pad on the rear for better interaction with the game.

• PSP 3000 is slightly slimmer (17.8mm) than Vita (18.6 mm)

• PS Vita is wider (182mm) than PSP 3000 (170mm)

• While PSP 3000 utilizes Playstation CPU, Vita makes use of much faster ARM Cortex A9 quad core processor and SGX543MP4+ GPU

• PS Vita has support for Bluetooth v2.1 while there is no support for Bluetooth in PSP 3000

• PS Vita has high speed Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b/g/n) than PSP-3000 (802.11b)

• PSP 3000 has no cameras whereas Vita is a dual camera device

• PlayStation Vita has 3G support for connectivity and Built-in GPS (only in 3G+Wi-Fi model)