Difference Between Spelled and Spelt

Spelled vs Spelt

There are certain verbs in English that have two different versions or spelling variants for their past tense. Learn, spell, and burn are some of the common examples of these verbs. Do you spell burned, or burnt? The same is the case with spelled and spelt. Let us find out in this article if there are any differences between spelt and spelled and whether they are to be used in different contexts.

Spelled is believed to be an American version and used mostly by the people in the country when they are looking for the past tense of spell. But if you are a Briton, you probably use both the spelling variations depending upon your whim or liking. Both versions of the past tense and past participle of spell are correct. You can use either of the two depending upon your liking. Thus, spelt and spelled are two forms of spell that are the same in meaning and usage. British English allows for the use of both regular as well as irregular verb forms. This is why there is spelt as well as spelled in use, in UK. 

Many people think that spelled is an American version of the past tense of spell. This is not, however, true. The two variations namely spelled and spelt have been in existence since 17th century in UK. Britons used spelt predominantly throughout 19th century. However, Americans started to use the variation spelled, and this prompted people around the world to go with this spelling of the past tense of spell.

Spelled vs Spelt

• Spelled and spelt are variations of spelling for the past tense and its past participle.

• Both spelling were in use, in Britain, but writers used spelt predominantly.

• Americans stressed upon the spelling spelled, and most writers use this variation.

• Today writers make no distinction between spelt and spelled and there is no need to try and find differences between spelt and spelled.