Difference Between spent and spend

spent vs spend

The two words spent and spend means same if they are used in context of money and spent then becomes past tense of spend. Spend is used when money is used in buying something in present or in future but if money has already been used in past then spent is used. Spent and spend words have many meanings and are used in different contexts. Spent is generally used to show that something is exhausted like a gun emptied after firing all bullets and spend is used to show that something is being used or will be used like time.

Spent is generally used to describe about a thing that became useless after utilizing all its energy. Spent can be used to describe a person who has completely drained his energy for a cause. Spent word is generally used in derogatory context when it is used for living things as it generally describes about what left after utilizing the energy is useless and to be discarded.

Spend word is used to describe the action that are taking place or will take place regarding usage of money, time, energy and many other things. Spend is not used in derogatory sense like spent but the action associated with spend can be good or disparaging.

Difference between spent and spend

• Spent is the thing of past where as spend is the thing taking place or will take place.

• Spent finds a vast application in things, people, animals, and time where as spend is generally used for very limited things and that too that are measurable like time and money.

• What a person has spent is accountable as it has already occurred but spend can not be accounted as it is occurring or will occur in future.

• While using the word spent one is sure that whatever thing was there it is over and finished but spend does not ensure that it will be partially or fully finished or will not be finished at all.