Difference between Spinning and Cycling

Spinning vs Cycling

People around the country have become very health conscious these days. They resort to exercising in many different forms, to keep themselves fit. Cycling is a very common and popular way to get cardio vascular workout along with strengthening of lower body muscles. Cycling can be done both outdoors as well as indoors with the help of stationary bikes. There is another term spinning that is similar to cycling and has become very popular these days. This article attempts to find out the differences between cycling and spinning for the benefit of the readers.


The word cycling conjures up images of people in T-shirts and tight shorts riding bicycles outdoors on road. Cycling is a very healthy activity that is recommended by doctors for people of all ages to increase their levels of fitness. Many people do biking for transport or recreation, but the physical activity that is referred to as cycling is restricted to making use of this activity as a health benefit. However, occasional bad weather conditions and the practice of living in high rise apartments force people to take up cycling indoors. This is an activity that has become very popular and health conscious people work their way to a better fitness by pedaling on stationary exercise bikes.


Spinning is a term that is commonly used for many different forms of exercising that is done on fitness bikes inside studios that conduct classes for people. Spinning includes instructions provided by a trainer that is carried out by people simultaneously on their stationary bikes to exercise in a particular style. There is music, stationary bikes, and of course an instructor to guide several people with the common goal of better health and fitness. If you have ever been to these classes, you know that these bikes have a flywheel that is heavy to the tune of 30-40 pounds, and it keeps moving the pedals even when you have stopped pedaling. This means that the hamstring of an individual work hard to stop or to slow down this movement. In cycling outdoors, the friction comes from the road and the wind. In these conditions, it is your quadriceps and flexors on hips that work hard.

What is the difference between Spinning and Cycling?

• Cycling refers to an outdoor activity while spinning is a type of indoor cycling.

• You exercise on stationary bikes during spinning whereas you ride moving bikes outdoors.

• There is a heavy flywheel in spinning cycle whereas friction comes from wind and road in outdoor cycle.

• During bad weather, spinning is more convenient than cycling outdoors.

• Spinning refers to products, instructions, and workouts provided by the patent holder and you do exercise under the instructions of a trainer inside a studio.

• There are certified trainers in spinning whereas you can do cycling on your own.