Difference Between Split AC and Window AC

Split AC vs Window AC

When it comes to air conditioning the small spaces like bed rooms and offices, there are two choices, Split AC and Window AC. They both have different looks and prices. You can install one according to available space for installation, and area to be cooled.

Split AC

As the name suggest, one unit is divided into two parts, cooling unit is installed inside the room, where as hot exhaust is outside. As cooling unit is separate, which allow the manufacturer to make more powerful AC. As the compressing unit is outside, there is no noise inside the room. Split Ac is good choice for offices and other commercial places. Moreover, it can also be used in those rooms, which have no window for the installation of window AC. However, it is not suitable for rooms, which are in the middle of large buildings, as in this case it will be difficult to connect them with their compressor.

Window AC

The most common Air conditioner, which is used for small houses and offices, is Window AC. It is a cubical unit, a complete conditioning system in itself; it requires a window, or such space, where you can install it with its face inside the room, and the exterior part outside the building, as it will discharge heat outside. As it is all in one unit so, it is bit noisy if we compare it with other Air conditioning system. But it is very easy to install, all you have to do is, place it in a proper position, and it is all set to work for you. As compressor and evaporator, both are in one unit, so it’s cooling capacity is limited, this makes it suitable only for small places.

Difference between Split and Window ACs

Window AC and split AC, both work on same principal but as they have different capacities, so both are used for different places. Split AC, being divided into two parts, has large capacity, so it’s ideal for use in large offices and big rooms in the house. On the other hand, Window AC is one unit conditioner, so it’s suitable for small rooms only. Window AC creates noise, whereas Split unit is found to be a calm customer inside the house. Window AC is smaller in size as compared to Split AC. Window AC is easy to install, but in case of Split AC you have to connect the exterior and interior units through rubber tubes, which might cause troubles. Moreover, a window is necessary if you want to install window AC in your room, but for split AC, interior unit will be connected to compressor unit through a small hole in the wall. For relocation purpose, window AC is good choice, as it does not require installation by a professional.

Quick Recap:

• Window AC is one unit conditioner whereas split AC comes in two units, cooling unit inside and compressor unit outside.

• Window AC is bit noisy compared to Split AC, as the compressor also built in to the cooling unit.

• Window AC is easy to install, no need for professional as such installation cost also low. Servicing also easy.

• Split AC needs professionals to install, requires a mounting stand for the compressor unit, as such need outside space and of course installation cost will be more.


Both of these units work on same principles, but Split AC is ideal for large spaces, as they have more capacity and for small rooms Window AC is good choice. Additionally, Split unit need to be installed by a professional and Window AC is easy to install.