Difference Between Sport Coat and Suit

Sport Coat vs Suit

Sport coat, jackets, suits, blazers, coats etc. are different clothing items for men that have many similarities. People remain especially confused between sport coat and suit and cannot make up their mind as to whether they should buy one or the other. Despite similarities, there are differences between a sport coat and a suit that range from style and fabrics to the accessories like matching trousers etc. This article attempts to find out these differences.

Sport Coat

This is a term that has become very popular among men, and refers to a clothing item that is worn over a shirt or T-shirt, to cover the upper part of the body. Sport coat is not structured like a suit coat and looks rugged and casual and closer to a jacket than a formal coat. They are not blazers, which is the term reserved for coats made from a particular fabric used for uniforms in schools, colleges, and other institutions. This super coat is a garment that is required on many occasions such as gatherings and outings. If there is a continuum from formal to least formal or casual, sport coat lie at the extreme and are considered the least formal coats. A sport coat is available in many different fabrics and textures, and there is no limit to its styling. Though most of the sport coats are found in earthy colors, you can also find bright color sport coats in the market.

Sport coats can be worn on any trouser or jeans. This is the reason why they are so popular among young men as they can don their sport coat over anything they are wearing.


Suit jacket is a word that refers to the coat of a formal suit. These suit jackets are sold with matching trousers and sometimes matching vest too. They are very formal in nature and are worn on formal occasions such as wedding and other formal functions. You know it is a suit jacket if it has a matching trouser. A suit jacket or coat is either single breast or double breast. These jackets are mostly made from dark colored fabrics, and people wear them during business meets too. Buttons of a suit jacket are matching with the color of the jacket.

What is the difference between Sport Coat and Suit?

• Suit is very formal, whereas sport coat is very casual.

• Suit jackets or coats come along with a matching trouser while there is no matching trouser with a sport coat.

• Sport coat has many different styles while suit jacket is either single breast or double breast.

• Suit coat has matching buttons, whereas sport coat can have stylish buttons.

• Sport coat is mostly earthy though there are also bright colors.

• Suit jacket has a limited range of materials from which they are made whereas sport coats are made using many different fabrics.