Difference Between Staffing and Recruiting

Staffing vs Recruiting

Staffing and recruiting are two extremely important functions of any human resources department. Having the right people in right numbers at the right places is a key performance driver for the organizational effectiveness. Though the functions of staffing and recruiting coincide and thus create a confusion, there is a difference between staffing and recruiting, which is explained here in detail. However, before going into the details of the difference between these two important HR functions, first let us learn what is recruiting, what is staffing, and how recruiting is done. 

What is Recruiting?

Recruitment is the process of attracting the suitably qualified set of people to apply for a particular post in an organization. There are several ways that an organization can use to attract candidates for a particular job posting. The recruitment can be external, internal, or a mix of both.

External Recruiting

External recruitment is about recruiting applicants from external sources such as,

• Job posting in local newspapers or websites

• Employee referrals

• Employee recruitment agencies

• College and university recruitment

• Temporary employment agencies

Job postings are the most frequently used method to inform the candidates about a particular job vacancy. Employee referrals are the recommendations made by a former or existing employees on behalf of a friend or relation who is interested in a particular job. Employee recruitment agencies direct the unemployed people for companies that require those qualifications, if there are vacant positions to be filled. They in return receive a commission from the company, if the employees are selected. College and university recruitment involves recruiting students who are about to graduate for employment in a specific field. Temporary employment agencies are the businesses that direct the employees to fulfill temporary positions for shorter time periods, may be for three months, six months, or one year.

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Internal Recruiting

Internal recruiting is an opportunity provided to internal employees, to climb up the corporate ladder. Existing employees are given promotions and offered higher positions through this method.

There are several benefits involved in this method such as,

• Employees are given opportunity for career advancements.

• Company can save money by not spending for advertising and orientation programs.

• Employees are already familiar with company policy and procedures.

However, there are a few disadvantages to internal recruiting too such as,

• The promotion creates a gap in staffing.

• The company would not be able to grasp new ideas, knowledge and skills as internal employees are being promoted.

What is Staffing?

Staffing is the process of selecting, deploying and retaining the individuals who applied for a job vacancy. In the competitive business environment, it is a challenge for the companies to retain their employees. They have a huge responsibility to select the most suitably qualified applicants and then offer training to develop their competencies in order to match the industry expectations and finally offer competitive salary packages and other benefits to retain the best performers within the company.

Difference Between Staffing and Recruiting

What is the difference between Recruiting and Staffing?

• Recruitment is the process of attracting the suitably qualified set of people to apply for a particular post in an organization while staffing involves selecting, deploying, and retaining the employees within the organization.

• Staffing begins with the individuals’ entry to the organization and continues throughout the process until the employee leaves the company. However, recruitment is done at the initial stage of staffing.

• Recruitment can be performed through internal sources as well as through external sources, and staffing is primarily an internal process.


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