Difference Between State and Government

State vs Government

The ‘State’ refers to the present state of system. It also refers to a governed entity such as a province. A government on the other hand is a kind of agency through which authority is exercised by political units.

There are different types of states such as Sovereign state, Member state, Federated state and Nation state. The term ‘government’ on the contrary refers to the civil government of a sovereign state.

There are different types of government such as Anarchism, Authoritarian, Communism, Constitutional monarchy, and Constitutional republic, Democracy, Dictatorship, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Plutocracy, Theocracy and Legalism.

A state is an organized political community occupying a certain territory. A government on the contrary is an organization that has the power to make and enforce laws for a definite territory. The word ‘govern’ has the meaning of ‘power to administrate’.

It is interesting to note that a state generally occupies a certain geographic area. A state is characterized by the presence of culture, language, people and history as well. One of the major differences between a state and a government is that a state is like an organization whereas a government is like a management team.

A state is an independent entity characterized by certain tasks to be carried out. It is interesting to note that these administrative tasks are carried out by the so called government for the proper functioning of the state. In short it can be said that a government has the complete right to exercise power over people and the region. In other words a state is the territory and the government has the right to exercise its power over the territory.

One of the important differences between a state and a government is that a state is a geographic entity covering people and trade, whereas a government is a political administration of state or a country.