Difference between Static and Dynamic Modelling

Static vs Dynamic Modelling

Any system can be described using a mathematical model that contains mathematical symbols and concepts. Mathematical modeling is the name of the process that is undertaken to develop a model for a particular system. It is not just life sciences but also social sciences that make heavy use of these mathematical models. In fact, it is in an art subject like economics that these mathematical models are used extensively. There are many types of mathematical models but there is no hard and fast rule and there is a quite a bit of overlapping in different models. One way to classify mathematical models is to place them into static modelling and dynamic modelling. In this article we shall highlight the differences between these two types of mathematical modelling.

What are the differences between static modelling and dynamic modelling?

The most notable difference between static and dynamic models of a system is that while a dynamic model refers to runtime model of the system, static model is the model of the system not during runtime. Another difference lies in the use of differential equations in dynamic model which are conspicuous by their absence in static model. Dynamic models keep changing with reference to time whereas static models are at equilibrium of in a steady state.

Static model is more structural than behavioral while dynamic model is a representation of the behavior of the static components of the system. Static modelling includes class diagram and object diagrams and help in depicting static constituents of the system. Dynamic modelling on the other hand consists of sequence of operations, state changes, activities, interactions and memory.

Static modelling is more rigid than dynamic modelling as it is a time independent view of a system. It cannot be changed in real time and this is why it is referred to as static modelling. Dynamic modelling is flexible as it can change with time as it shows what an object does wwith many possibilities that might arise in time.

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