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Difference Between Stress and Depression

Stress vs Depression

Stress and Depression are two words that are often understood in one and the same sense. Strictly speaking there is a difference between them. Stress is a kind of tension that arises from our daily dealings with the world. On the other hand depression is a kind of change in the mood caused by biochemical imbalance. This is one of the main differences between stress and depression.

Stress would show through physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms. On the other hand depression would show only through mental symptoms. This is one of the reasons why both are looked upon alike sometimes.

In other words it can be said that stress arises from certain factors related to our reactions to daily life such as pressure of work in the work place, problems in the household and such other matters. On the other hand depression is predominantly a result of lack of confidence, pessimism and such other negative factors.

It can be said that stress does not result from negative factors such as pessimism and lack of confidence. It is the direct result of over work and paucity of time. On the other hand depression has everything to do with pessimism and lack of motivation.

As far as symptoms related to stress are concerned, you may experience sleeplessness, headache, palpitation of the heart, chest pain, stomach upset and the like. On the other hand you may experience dangerous symptoms in the case of depression. These symptoms include abuse of alcohol or drugs and suicidal thoughts.

It is interesting to note that you may experience some symptoms related to emotion too such as forgetfulness, anxiety, worry and sadness in the case of stress. Although these symptoms are felt in the case of depression too, they all contribute to dangerous results in depression. In short it can be said that the symptoms related to stress would not contribute to dangerous results as in the case of depression.

Some of the wild symptoms of depression are behavioral in nature and they include eating too little, crying, isolation, anger and abuse of drugs or alcohol. Although these behavioral symptoms are seen in stress too they do not result in negative results. They are momentary in the case of stress.

On the other hand psychologists have found out that the symptoms in the case of depression usually last very long and hence are considered negative in their impact.


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