Difference Between Style and Fashion

Style vs Fashion

Fashion and style are two very common words in our daily life. They are frequently used during conversations on what is happening and in vogue, especially as far as dresses and apparels are concerned. With an exponential rise in the number of fashion events, these terms have become so commonplace that people talk of them in the same breath, almost interchangeably. But are style and fashion synonyms? This article will attempt to find out differences between style and fashion to remove any doubts in the minds of the readers.


Fashion is cyclical in nature and remains in vogue for a certain time period until it is displaced by another trend. Fashion is what is ‘in’ at a particular time or season. So if you are following the trend, you are being fashionable. It is convincing yourself that what others are doing is cool and so you should also follow it. It really feels nice to be labeled trendy and fashionable. However, fashion is for a limited time only and you must change accordingly if you wish to remain fashionable.


On the other hand, style is something that is permanent and timeless. Style is your own and not guided by fashion really. While fashion pertains only to clothing and accessories, style is not dependent upon clothing and can be associated with anything that makes you look stylish. So style is something that is one’s own while fashion is adapting to what is in at the moment. Style is an extension of fashion as you can use what is in fashion and incorporate it in your own style giving it an altogether different touch.

Difference between Style and Fashion

Fashion is a guide to a style that people can create on their own. How you incorporate the latest fashion in your wardrobe so that it suits your personality is really an art and refers to a style a person has. There are many with no style and just follow the fashion blindly. These are people who can be called fashionable but not stylish. However, it is very much possible to be stylish without being fashionable. If you feel that what is in trend does not suit your personality, you can always follow your own style making changes in the current fashion.

In brief:

• Fashion is what is in at the moment. It is temporary and has a limited time span.

• Style is permanent and timeless

• Fashion is a trend that makes people follow it to be called fashionable, while style is a creation of individuals that forces others to follow suit.