Difference Between Suit and Blazer

Key Difference – Suit vs Blazer


Suit and Blazer are two options for men when it comes to apparel. When it’s time to dress up for a particular gathering, it’s better to recognize what to wear properly. A suit and a blazer are usually an option, especially for men. When you hear these terms, you will suddenly opt your imagination into a man like James Bond. However, these two are very different when it comes to attributes and use. Through this article let us comprehend the key difference.

What is a Suit?

A suit comes from the Latin word sequor which means ‘I follow’. This would explain the components of the garment; it’s a jacket, waistcoat and the trouser that comes with it. They are following each other in terms of color, cloth and are usually worn with each other. Suits are categorized into two since 1960. Categories are known as a two-piece or three-piece suit. Two-piece suits, like the name suggests, are of two main parts: the jacket and the trouser. Three-piece suits, on the other hand, have just added a waistcoat. Aside from these, variations of suits could be based upon their color, cut and designs that are sometimes single-breasted and double-breasted. All of these aspects will determine the garment’s social suitability, be it for business or some formal gatherings.

Difference Between Suit and Blazer

What is a Blazer?

When you say blazer, garments like sports and boating jackets might cross your mind. This is normal since they are synonymous to the term blazer. Like a suit, they commonly worn with a trouser, from the inside however Blazers are bought as it is, not by a set. With a blazer, one can be more playful since these are worn for smart casual events. One example that is widely used until now is reefer blazers. They are worn with variety of different other clothes, polo or just a plain shirt, some wear them with ties and, like suits, they can still perfectly go with trousers but jeans are an added option as well.

The difference between suit and blazer could be determined as to where they are used. If you are presenting yourself in the public with something noble to say, it is proper to wear a suit. However, a blazer can go as well, just don’t play with it too much. For a blazer to be used with such formal occasions you can match it with a trouser with the same color scheme and you can wear something plain and something that is not catchy on the inner part then you’re good to go. When you’re on to something casual, a blazer can go with it. Leave it open enabling people to see your inner shirt together with a pair of somewhat ragged shirt. Determining which is which will give you the power to blend in the crowd properly.

Suit vs Blazer

What is the Difference Between Suit and Blazer?

Definitions of Suit and Blazer:

Suit: Suit is a jacket and trouser of the same fabric worn by men.

Blazer: Blazer is also a jacket worn by men.

Characteristics of Suit and Blazer:


Suit: Suits are bought in a set, be it a two-piece or a three-piece suit.

Blazer: Blazers comes single-handed with no particular set of any kind.


Suit: Suits are very formal.

Blazer: Blazers are less formal than suits.


Suit: Suit gives a man the look of authority and power.

Blazer: Blazer allows a man to lit up the style in his personality.




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