Difference Between Suite and Room

Key Difference – Suite vs Room

When you inquire after hotel accommodation, there are many options that are available for you. Hotel suites and rooms are two such options between which a key difference can be identified. However, it is important to highlight that the nature of a suite and a room differs from one hotel to another. Generally, a hotel suite refers to a set of rooms with luxurious facilities. This often includes a kitchen and a living room as well. But in some hotels, a suite refers to a larger room that may or may not have a kitchen of other rooms. Hence, it is best to inquire before making any reservations. Comparatively, a room does not have many luxurious facilities that are offered for suites and are relatively smaller. This is the key difference between a suite and a room.

What is a Suite?

As mentioned above, a hotel suite refers to a set of rooms with luxurious facilities. These can come in different sizes, but a general suite includes a separate bedroom, private bathroom and a living area. Much grander suites can consist of a kitchen, balcony, and even offices. This is why a suite gives the ambiance of an apartment.

Other than the full suite, there is also a variety known as junior suites. These are comparatively smaller than the full suite but are more luxurious than a standard room. A junior suite consists of a bedroom, a living room, and a small bathroom. There are many varieties such as bridal suites, presidential suites, and comfort suites as well. The presidential suite is considered as the most luxurious of all.

Difference Between Suite and Room

What is a Room?

A hotel room consists of a single room with a private bathroom. A standard room consists of a single king size bed or two queen beds. Other than this, the room consists of a television, writing desk, a chair, and a dresser. In some hotels, the rooms can be connected to others while in others this feature cannot be observed.

Hotels have rooms of different sizes. Based on the amount the individual pays, the size of the room would be decided. In some hotels, additional facilities are also provided for standard rooms. Some of these facilities are Wi-Fi, a hair dryer, a coffee maker, etc. Other than these you can have access to the mini bar, pay per view movies as well.

Key Difference - Suite vs Room

What is the difference between Suite and Room?

Definitions of Suite and Room:

Suite: A hotel suite refers to a set of rooms with luxurious facilities.

Room: A hotel room consists of a single room with a private bathroom.

Characteristics of Suite and Room:

Number of rooms:

Suite: A suite consists of a number of rooms such as the bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchen.

Room: A hotel room has only one room with a private bathroom.


Suite: Suites are rather expensive.

Room: A room is not very expensive.


Suite: A suite provides a luxurious experience.

Room: A room provides a basic hotel experience.


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