Difference Between Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise vs Sunset

Sunrise and sunset are daily events but very beautiful and mesmerizing to observe from a vantage point. When you see the sunrise and sunset in photographs, it is often difficult to tell which is which because of the similarities in the colors of the sky at these times. However, there are subtle differences between sunrise and sunset that are based upon the lights observed in the skies during these times. For one, sunsets appear to have much redder skies than sunrise. Here are many more differences that will be talked about in this article.

We all know that the sun rises from the east and dips or sets in the west at any place. We also know that sunrise takes place very early in the morning while sunset takes place during evenings. While the skies are dark before sunrise and become bright after it, the skies go dark after sunset. For some, it is difficult to tell any difference between a sunrise and a sunset in photos but the skies are redder during sunset.

In the mornings, the skies are bluish in color because of the Rayleigh effect. This effect affects short wavelengths of light more than longer wavelengths. On the other hand, atmosphere is warmer during evenings, and there are also water molecules in the form of moisture. These molecules are larger than air molecules and are thus able to scatter longer wavelengths of air making the skies appear more orangish and reddish than at the time of sunrise. Also, during the course of the day, there is a lot of human activity, in addition to dust particles and pollutants rising up in the air. All these particles make it possible for scattering of large wave lengths of light, making the skies more colorful and reddish during sunsets.

What is the difference between Sunrise and Sunset?

• Sunrise takes place early in the morning while sunset takes place during evening.

• Sunrise leads to bright skies whereas sunset leads to dark skies.

• The sky is full of more colors during sunset than at sunrise.

• Rayleigh effect causes skies to appear bluish at sunrise while it is reddish at sunset.

• Atmosphere is warmer at evening than during morning.

• There is moisture in the atmosphere with the presence of larger water molecules that lead to scattering of more longer wavelengths of light.

• Red color in the skies is also due to the presence of dust particles and other pollutants that rise in the atmosphere due to all the human activities during day time.