Difference Between Systemic and Systematic

Systemic vs Systematic

Systematic is a word that is used quite often in economics and finance. When used in everyday life, the word refers to the fact of following a procedure step by step. There is another word systemic that is very confusing for the students of English language. There are differences in meaning between systematic and systemic that necessitates correct usage of these words depending upon the context. This article attempts to find out these differences to enable readers to use them correctly.


If someone is methodical or consistent and follows the procedure correctly all the time, he is referred to as a systematic guy. If there is some system or organized manner in which things are arranged, the arrangement is called systematic. When we say that a subject has a scientific basis, we mean to say that it is systematic as one can see a definite pattern or methodology in the subject. If an individual follows a particular method of cleaning or stacking items in his wardrobe, he is systematic according to this definition.

Something that is characterized by a definite pattern or method is referred to as systematic.


Something that is ingrained in a system is referred to as systemic. Processes that are inbuilt in a system are called systemic. It means belonging to or affecting the entire system. The term is used quite often in terms of the nervous system. Thus if you are using a pesticide or a spray to kill bugs and insect and it reads systemic, you can be rest assured that it gets into the nervous system of the pests, to kill or remove them from a place. If you are talking about a particular system or organism, the word to be used is systemic.

What is the difference between Systemic and Systematic?

• Both systematic and systemic come from the same word system.

• Both systematic and systemic are adjectives.

• Consistent, methodical, and following a procedure is referred to as systematic.

• Systemic is used in technical journals and usually reserved to a context where the author is talking about a particular system.

• Systemic is a much less used word that has scientific and technical connotations. You are better off using the broader systematic whenever in doubt.