Difference Between TATA Safari DiCOR 2.2 VTT and Mahindra Scorpio Vlx AT

TATA Safari DiCOR 2.2 VTT vs Mahindra Scorpio Vlx AT

TATA Safari DiCOR 2.2 VTT and Mahindra Scorpio Vlx AT are two popular SUV in India. Both have many similarities in interiors and exteriors, and have carefully designed the SUVs taking the Indian terrain and the Indian driving style in to mind. However both have included nifty features that differentiate them in the market place. Both have used two tone interiors, but Scorpio has chosen mild seductive tones whereas Safari has chosen darker tones. Safari’s interior is dark graphite and beige with dark graphite and perforated tan leather upholstery. Scorpio has used black allure and Tan- Beige theme for interior and fabric upholstery. On the first look Scorpio gives  more masculine appearance with its tough bumper and straight line finishes. On the other hand we can compare Safari Dicor to a horse, it is masculine at the same time stylish too with its chrome grill in the front and the silver spare wheel cover in the back. The models considered here are TATA Safari 2.2 DiCOR VX and Mahindra Scorpio Vlx AT


Other than the difference in the colour themes, both have given equal attention to make it elegant and comfortable with the versatile usage of space. Safari DiCOR, in addition to the standard features of most of the SUVs has Alphine DVD player with a LCD screen sitting on the central console and two other mounted behind the front seat head rests. Head phones available for all passengers.

Some of the special features of Scorpio are the illuminated key ring, Bluetooth that help you connect to your mobile right from the steering wheel and allow hands free call.

Both have wood grained ergonomically designed dashboard and console panel, power lock and one touchdown power window, Bottle & Can holders on the middle console, remote fuel lid opener located on the front dashboard.


In Safari the middle row seats are sliding and reclining, lumbar support on driver and co-driver seats. Foldable arm rests are available for driver, co driver and on the middle row.

In Scorpio the middle row has sliding seats in 8 seaters. Individual armrests are on first row seats, centre armrest on second row seats and all seats are ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort.

The leg room is little more in Safari DiCOR whereas in Scorpio the front console is designed nicely to give adequate storage space. The height of the driver seat is adjustable in both.

Both have multi directional AC vents in the front and back. Safari has a separate roof mounted AC unit for middle and rear passengers.

Same suspension technology is adopted by both vehicles.


Both have electrically operated ORVMs (outside rear view mirrors), rear demister, rear wipers, fog lamps, multi-focal reflector headlamps, Follow-Me-Home (headlamps glow for several minutes after you lock up), parking lot car locator (remote unlocking brings on the roof light for 5 seconds)

Safari DiCOR has a puddle lamp that illuminates the area along the side of the vehicle at night, roof rails and scuff plates on all doors.

In Scorpio advanced sensors detect rain and automatically turn the wipers on or off. They even control the wiper speed according to the intensity of rain.

Scorpio has illuminated footboards, tough bumpers to defend the body, side protective cladding, easy grip door handle. It also has roof-top aerodynamic ski-racks giving more space for storage on long trips.


Safari DiCOR comes with 2.2L VTT Dicor Engine which gives 140 PS Power@4000rpm & 32.6kgm Torque. The engine is fuel efficient and produce low emission (BS IV). DiCOR is the Direct Injection, Common Rail, 16 valves Diesel engine. Tata says that the Safari picks up from 0 to 60 kmph in 6.8seconds and 100 in 15.8 sec. The fuel efficiency is rated at 11.57 kmpl.

It can engage 4 wheel drive while on the move.

Scorpio comes with mHawk engine also uses the same common rail diesel engine technology with Micro Hybrid Technology. But the engine power is 121.2PS@4,000rpm & 29.3 kgm Torque@1,800-2,800rpm. Mahindra says that the engine propels the Scorpio from 0 to 60kmph in 5.7 seconds flat.


Both have taken equal care on safety design, they have dual front airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), collapsible steering column, crumple zones at key points absorb most of the impact in case of a collision, unyielding steel bars in the frame, child protector lock, speed alert & voice assist system if door not locked or seat belt not fastened.

Scorpio boasts about its extra safety system such as fire retardant upholstery, Bluevision headlamps are designed to take the stress out of night driving, Blue Vision bulbs ensure better visibility in the dark. It has ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper while reversing that help you judge the distance between your car and anything in its way.

Digital Immobiliser in Scorpio is an encrypted key recognition system. If a duplicated key is used to try to start this car, the ECU will reject it right away.

Safari has been equipped with a weatherproof camera below the rear number plate in the top-end version. Slip into reverse gear and a part of the internal rear view mirror lights up to display an unobstructed view of what’s behind. Safari also boasts that it has effective Braking, from 80kmph it can come to halt within a distance of 38 meters. Its anti submarine seats prevents the occupant from sliding forward in case of braking or any other form of speed variation.

Spec Scorpio – Vlx AT Safari 2.2 DiCOR VX
Manufacturer Mahindra TATA
Design SUV SUV
Overall Length 4,430 mm 4,650 mm
Overall Width 1,817 mm 1,918 mm
Overall Height 1,975 mm 1,925 mm
Wheel Base 2,680 mm 2,750 mm
Ground clearance TBU 205 mm
Gross Weight 2510 kg (2WD)

2610 kg (4WD

2650 kg (4*2)

2780 kg (4*4)

Seating capacity 7 or 8 7
Turning radius 5.6 m 6.0 m
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 litres, Diesel 65 litres Diesel
Engine Type 2.2L, 4-stroke, 120bhp mHawk CRDe, Turbocharger, Intercooler 2.2 L 16 Valve DOHC VTT DiCOR
Fuel system CRDI Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI)
Engine Displacement 2,179 cc 2,179 cc
Maximum power 121.2PS@4,000rpm 140PS@3600rpm
Maximum torque 29.3 kgm@1,800-2,800rpm 32.6 kgm@1700-2700rpm
Emission Bharat Stage (BS) III BS IV
Transmission Type 6 Speed, Automatic 5 Speed Automatic
Suspension Front Independent, coil spring, anti-roll bar Double Wishbone with Torsion bar
Suspension Rear Multilink with coil spring Five Link with Coil Spring
Brake – Front Disc Ventilated Disc with twin pot caliper
Brake – Rear Drum Drum – Auto adjusting
Tyres 235/70 R 16, Tubeless Radial 235/70 R 16, 105S Tubeless
Wheels 16 inches 16 inches
Rear View Mirror Automatic Automatic
Power steering, Power locks, Front and rear power windows, Front fog lamps Standard Standard
Air conditioning, Heater Standard Standard with roof mounted rear AC
Parking sensor Yes Yes
Audio 2 DIN AM/FM, CD Player, Bluetooth, Front/Rear speakers, front speaker with built-in tweeters. DVD Player with LCD screen at the centre console and  two at the back of the front seat headrest
Other Audio Control & MID Switch on Steering Wheel Rear view Camera for Reversing with LCD Display in IRVM

TBU – To be updated

  • Amitdicore

    Why does everybody compare the Mahindra Scorpio with the Tata Safari? I
    think the Scorpio should be compared only with the Tata Sumo.

    The Scorpio is not a true Sports Utility Vehicle.

    Here are some basic characteristics that one expects from an SUV

    1. 4 wheel drive: The Scorpio does not have it while the Safari does.

    2. High ground clearance: At 185mm the ground clearance of the Scorpio
    is lower even than the Maruti SX4 sedan (190mm) not to mention the Ford
    Fusion (198mm). The Safari has an immense 205mm which is well in the
    league of international SUVs.

    3. Spare wheel on tail gate: No doubt this is cosmetic but even this is
    missing on the Scorpio. Instead it has a fake air scoop on the bonnet.
    How juvenile.

    The shape, wheel base, (bouncy) ride quality etc of the Scorpio are all
    very similar to the Sumo and hence I feel this would be the right
    comparison. No doubt the Scorpio has a better look than the Sumo but
    park them side by side and take a look from the front, back and sides
    and the similarities will be all too obvious.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Tata Safari is a true blooded SUV unlike the Mahindra Scorpio.

    Murugan is offline

  • Achupop

    I like my tata safari……………………………….