Difference Between Teaching and Preaching

Teaching vs Preaching

The difference between teaching and preaching is in the method of imparting knowledge. Teaching and Preaching are two words that are wrongly interchanged. Strictly speaking, they should not be interchanged as there is some difference between the two words. The word teaching is used as a noun, and it is generally used in the sense of disseminating knowledge or instructing someone. On the other hand, the word preaching is also used as a noun, and it is generally used in the sense of presenting a religious idea or belief publicly. This is the main difference between the two words.

What is Teaching?

Teaching is all about imparting new ideas and knowledge to the students in the classroom. Teaching pertains mainly to the theoretical aspects of a subject or an art. Teaching also involves coaching on particular skills. Teaching, traditionally, involves reading the text and explaining the passages from the texts. Teaching also involves other techniques such as demonstration, discussions, watching documentaries, enacting pieces of literature, researching, etc.

Teaching is undertaken by a person who is well-qualified to teach, and that person is called a teacher. It is also a paid job; teachers are paid for their service. Also, teaching is normally carried out within the classrooms in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

Difference Between Teaching and Preaching

What is Preaching?

On the other hand, preaching is all about imparting the concepts of religion and morals. It is a kind of sermon given to the public in order to enlighten them about the nuances and the phenomena of religion. Preaching involves using a very emotional or passionate sort of language in order to address the people. Preaching uses people’s emotions to make them accept the religious message. For example, think there is a preaching done on the topic of loving your neighbours. The preaching can include a story from the society where the preaching is happening. That gives the people a more homely feeling. As a result, they may listen to the preaching without a problem.

A person who is involved in a lot of preachings is called a preacher. Unlike in teaching, the person who preaches needs not be qualified by means of a degree but needs to be well-trained and informed about the religious concepts and perspectives. That is why sometimes you see a normal person preaching about the religion even without being a minister of the religion he or she follows. Also, preaching is not a paid job, all the time. That is because sometimes some people take the job of preaching because of the pleasure they get by dispensing the religious beliefs they spread.

When it comes to the place of preaching, preaching is usually carried out in religious centers, churches, cathedrals, temples and other spiritually oriented places.

Teaching vs Preaching

What is the difference between Teaching and Preaching?

• Objective:

• The objective of teaching is to impart the knowledge based on logic and reasoning.

• The objective of preaching is to impart religious beliefs based on the emotions of the people.

• Teaching is to impart knowledge while preaching is to create awareness.

• Techniques:

• Many different techniques are used in teaching. The techniques depend on the target audience and the subject taught.

• Some of the teaching techniques are lecturing, demonstrating, coaching, conducting discussions, watching documentaries, enacting pieces of literature, researching, etc.

• Preaching speaks to the emotions of the people to make them listen to the religious message.

• Sermons and public addresses are some of the techniques used in preaching.

• Outcome:

• The outcome of teaching is people who use general sense and logical thinking even in their daily life.

• The outcome of preaching is a society that follows religious values.

• Qualities of the Person Teaching or Preaching:

• Teaching:

• The person who teaches is known as the teacher.

• A teacher has to have educational qualifications to be eligible to be a teacher.

• A teacher should have a very good knowledge about the subject he or she teaches.

• A teacher should also have the ability to impart knowledge successfully.

• Preaching:

• The person who preaches is known as the preacher.

• A preacher can have educational background. However, there are those who are preachers without educational qualifications.

• A preacher should have a very good understanding of the religion.

• A preacher should be able to have the ability to speak in a very passionate way.

• Salary:

• A teacher is paid a salary.

• A preacher is not always paid a salary for his duties.

These are the differences between the two words, namely, teaching and preaching.

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