Difference Between These and Those

These vs Those

These and those are pronouns that make it difficult for students learning English language. Both stand for people and objects when they are more than one. However, students make mistakes when using these pronouns during conversation as well as when asked to insert either of the two pronouns in a test. This article attempts to remove all doubts from the minds of the readers by making clear the differences between these and those.

To begin with these and those are the plural forms of the pronouns this and that.


When you are talking about some objects that are either in your hand or close by, you use these to refer to them. Take a look at the following examples.

• These are my parents.

• Paint these walls with red color.

• All these books are mine.

It becomes clear that you have to use these to refer to people and objects when they are physically or temporally closer to you.


‘Those’ is a pronoun that is the plural form of that and is used for objects and people who are away from the speaker, temporally or physically. You can use those for your parents standing in the same room when referring to them to your friend by pointing in their direction. If you have misplaced something and looking for them inside your room, you have to use those in the following manner.

Have you seen those long boots?

Another thing to remember with those is that it is a pronoun used to talk about things that are not in your possession.

What is the difference between These and Those?

• ‘These’ is a plural form of this while ‘those’ is a plural form of that.

• ‘These’ is used for things and people who are close-by.

• ‘Those’ is used for people, objects, and ideas that are physically and temporally at some distance from you.