Difference Between Thick and Fat

Thick vs Fat

Thick and fat are two adjectives that are used commonly to refer to obese people. Most people use these terms interchangeably as if thick and fat were synonyms. However, despite the fact that both thick and fat refer to non-skinny people who are overweight there are different connotations of these words. There are also differences in usage that will be highlighted in this article.

Thick and fat are words that you think of when you first see a person when is overweight or obese. Both words typically mean that the individual is not skinny and has a lot of flesh on different parts of his or her body. However, call a woman fat and you are likely to invite her wrath over you. Interestingly, she does not lose her temper when you call her thick and rather takes it as a compliment. This is what happens with many women who have become obese but are told by men in their lives that they are OK as they are just thickset. Most women take it for granted that they are attractive and voluptuous if they are referred to as thick rather than when some people start to call them fat.

If a woman has big breasts and butts, but a slim waist, you would be a fool to call her fat as such women are appreciated as having a good figure in many cultures. They are just healthy as some would say in appreciation. However, flab over thighs, butts, and stomach means you are fat and become unattractive in the eyes of most men. In any case, fat is a term that is unflattering, and the last thing in the world a girl or a lady wants to hear for herself.

Thick women tend to have big booty and breasts, but they do not have big stomachs, which is why people find them still attractive. They may have thick thighs, but the extra fat on their body is not loose but firm. This is in contrast to fat women whose skin is loose. The same difference can be seen in thick or fat men with fat men having large stomachs and flabby arms and legs while thick men still boasting slim waistline. Thick men can still have an attractive shape because of their tucked in tummies but fat men look unattractive as they seem to have no control over their bodyweight.

Many of the celebrities are labeled as voluptuous and curvy when all that is meant with these adjectives is that they are a little overweight or obese. However, the moment a woman is labeled as fat, all her sexiness and attractiveness vanishes and the image that she creates is of a woman who has fat all over her body with big belly and loose fat over her arms and legs.

Thick vs Fat

While both fat and thick define obese and overweight individuals, beware before using the adjective fat for a woman as you may incur the wrath of the woman. This is because fat has negative connotations while thick is considered voluptuous and sexy and curvy. A woman with large breasts and butts can still be called thick if she has a slim waist, but she becomes fat when she has a large belly and loose skin all over her body.