Difference Between Thong and G-string

Thong vs G-string

Though both thong and G-string look attractive and are worn mainly by women, there is a clear difference between the two that is visible to all. Thongs and G-strings are popular undergarments of women. The basic purpose of clothes is to cover our bodies, but there are certain garments, or rather undergarments that we wear to cover our genitals that are made to make us look more attractive and sexy. Two such types of undergarments are thongs and G-strings. There is an important fact about thongs. Though mostly worn by women, there are thongs for men too, which are worn for different purposes. In this article, all of these facts will be described for you.

What is a Thong?

Thong is a skimpy swimwear that women wear when out on the beaches. This is a piece of an undergarment that is used to cover the genitals. It has a wider back or, in other words, a patch of cloth, meant to cover the buttocks of a woman. When it comes to material, a thong is made up of a sturdy piece of cloth and also has wider, stronger elastic bands. As far as use is concerned, thongs are very popular beachwear and also used to support the genitals over your one piece suit in aerobics classes.


There is another important fact to be noted about thongs. Though thongs are known as women’s clothing items, there are thongs worn by men as well. They, however, are worn for different purposes such as athletics and dancing rather than a female thong, which females wear mostly to look more attractive. There are different types of male thongs such as Kowpeenam, Fundoshi, Jockstrap and Dance belt. Jockstrap is worn when doing vigorous physical activities such as sports while Dance belt is mainly worn by male dancers. Kowpeenam and Fundoshi are traditional undergarments for men in India and Japan respectively.

What is a G-String?

A G-string is literally a string in T or Y shapes that has nothing to cover the butts. G-string has just a triangular piece of cloth (normally an inch in size) to cover the genital area in front while leaving entire buttocks open. In other words, a G-string has nothing to cover the butts. It would be better to consider G-string as a type of thong with lesser cloth used to cover the genitals. G-strings, though more popular as nightwear to attract partners, are these days popular among women in the age group 20-40 as they like to feel good and sexy in their low-waist jeans.

Difference Between Thong and G-string

What is the difference between Thong and G-String?

Thongs and G-strings are skimpy undergarments popular among women but have some difference in design and purpose.

• While both a thong and a G-string look similar from the front, it is their backs that reveal the difference.Thongs have a wide triangular patch of cloth at the back, while g-strings are notorious for the absence of any cloth at the rear thus exposing the butts of women. Apart from this difference, there is little to choose between the two.

• When it comes to uses, thongs are used as beachwear. Also, thongs are used to support the genitals over your one piece suit in aerobics classes.

• When you consider the uses of G-String, they are mostly worn as lingerie to attract partners as they are considered sexy undergarments.

• Though thongs are mainly known as women’s wear, there are thongs worn by men. They come in several types such as Kowpeenam, Fundoshi, Jockstrap and Dance belt.


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