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Difference Between To and Too

To vs Too

To and too are used very extensively in the English language. They show differences between them when it comes to usage.

‘To’ is a preposition that is used in dative case during declension of nouns. It implies destination or place such as ‘he goes to London this evening’.

‘Too’ on the other hand is used to imply the intensity of a particular situation such as ‘it is too hot today’. The intensity of the heat is described by the word ‘too’. Hence ‘too’ is used as a kind of adjective in the sentence.

Sometimes the word ‘to’ is used to imply a state as in the example ‘he played the shot to perfection’. ‘To’ is also used to convey the sense of a receiver. Observe the sentence ‘she gave the rose to her friend’. Here ‘friend’ is the receiver.

The word ‘too’ on the other hand indicates excessiveness of something. In the sentence ‘it was too dark to go out’, the excessiveness of darkness was indicated by the usage of the word ‘too’.

Sometimes the word ‘to’ is used to indicate relationship between two individuals. Look at the two sentences ‘he is younger to his cousin’ and ‘he is married to her’. In both the sentences the word ‘to’ conveys some sort of relationship between two individuals.

The word ‘too’ is used to convey the sense of ‘also’. For example in the sentence ‘he too attended the meeting’, the word ‘too’ conveys the sense of ‘also’.

Likewise sometimes the word ‘too’ is used to convey the sense of ‘very’ as in the sentence ‘he was too sure about the mistake committed by his colleague’. In this sentence the word ‘too’ conveys the sense of ‘very’. ‘To’ is used as infinitive in expressions such as ‘to live’, ‘to tell’ and ‘to read’.


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