Difference Between Tofu and Bean Curd

Bean Curd vs Tofu

Tofu is a soybean product that is analogous to cheese. It is loved by people as a substitute to meats as it is very rich in proteins. It is made by curdling of soymilk and looks like cheese. There is another term bean curd used for a cheese like product that is sold in the markets. This becomes confusing for consumers when they see similar products being sold as either tofu or bean curd. This article aims to find if there is any difference between tofu and bean curd or if they are different names for the same soy product.


Tofu is a cheese like food product obtained from soybeans. It is a staple food in many Asian and southeast Asian cuisines. It originated in China some 2000 years ago. It is made by coagulation of soymilk. It is a product that contains soymilk and water, in addition to coagulating agents. Being flavorless, it is used to make many different food dishes that are sweet to salty. Tofu, because of its high protein content and versatility, soon spread to other Asian countries like Korea and Japan. Today it is a much loved food product in the western world where even non vegetarians substitute it with meats in their diet. Tofu is high in proteins and fibers but low on fat and calories.

Bean Curd

Bean curd is the name of a food product that is loved the world over because of its high protein content. It is literally the curd of soybeans which is why it is referred to as bean curd. Dry soybeans are ground and then cooked lightly to provide their milk, which is curdled using a coagulating agent.

Bean Curd vs Tofu

• Bean curd is another name of tofu.

• Tofu is a solid food product that is made from pressed bean curd.

• Some brands of tofu are being sold as bean curds.

• There is no difference between bean curd and tofu.

• Tofu is a word that comes from China but is today very popular in the west too.