Difference Between Top Coat and Base Coat

Top Coat vs Base Coat

Nail polish is one makeup accessory that is used by most women across the world to color their nails. There are millions of ladies who do not feel complete before they have colored their finger and toenails in a proper manner to match with their outfit as they feel confident and attractive this way. Expert makeup artists and manicurists suggest applying a base coat before giving final touches with a top coat.

If you have been to a salon for a manicure, you must have noticed the manicurist preparing your nails before throwing nail paint at them. She is not in a rush to apply the nail polish which is the case with most women who do it at homes. Many women wonder why their nail polish does not stay for long and comes off in a few days. This is because a professional manicurist applies a base coat to prepare the nails for the nail polish. This base coat is like a protective cover for your nails, and it also gives a base to which the nail polish adheres more cohesively. Not applying a base coat before applying the nail polish is one reason why the color peels off easily from the nails so quickly. Cracking of color is also commonly seen when the nail polish is applied directly on to the nails without first applying a base coat.

Base Coat

A base coat is typically a gel that contains calcium to strengthen the nails. It helps the nail polish to stick on to the nails while protecting the nail plates from the bad effects of the nail polish. In a sense, the base coat becomes a barrier between the nail plate and the nail polish and your nails are not damaged or stained form the nail polish. Application of base coat ensures that the nail polish gets applied more evenly on the surface of the nails. There are many different varieties of base coats available in the market with some containing vitamins, proteins, and calcium to pevent splitting and breaking of nails.

Top Coat

A top coat is a layer that is applied to seal in the color of the nail polish after the application of base coat and the color. This coat seals the color to make it last longer on your nails. It also makes your nails stronger. The purpose of top coat is to prevent nail color from cracking and chipping. You have a long lasting shine on your nails when a top coat has been applied after putting the color on them.

What is the difference between Top Coat and Base Coat?

• Base coat is applied before applying nail color, whereas top coat is applied after placing the nail polish.

• Base coat acts as a barrier between the nail bed and the nail polish whereas top coat is meant to seal in the nail color.

• Base coat helps to prevent staining of nail bed from nail color and also to prevent its damage because of the chemicals in the nail polish.

• Base coat contains vitamins, minerals, and calcium to strengthen the nail bed.

• Base coat prevents chapping of nails, whereas top coat prevents capping of nail polish and keeps the color intact for a long time.