Difference Between Totalitarianism and Fascism

Totalitarianism vs Fascism

Across the globe, there were various systems, or rather ideologies which are being followed, totalitarianism and fascism are two of them. Some part of the world followed capitalism while some other part followed fascism. Another part of the world followed communism and some other were following the totalitarianism ideology. After the division of the Soviet Union, these ideologies lost their meaning in particular. Most of the ideologies are nowadays a mixture of various ideologies that were being followed in the past. This article targets to describe the two ideologies, totalitarianism and fascism. The difference between these ideologies will be discussed here.

What is Totalitarianism?

The political system where the country or state is being controlled by the power of a single political party is referred to the totalitarianism political system. This political system is talked about as the political system without any limits on authority of the person or party governing the state. Such a political system is based on authority of the ruling person and citizens of the state are not making a part in making decisions for their state. The ruling authority is making all the decisions by him and the ideology of such political system does not bear to consider the different aspects of a state which are related to life of general public. Totalitarianism political system survives with the help of propagandas. These are revolved around the state through the media which is owned and controlled by the governing party and the right of speech of general public is kept restricted in order to save the control over the state by governing party.

What is Fascism?

Fascism is a political system similar to the totalitarianism political system. Fascism also refers to creation of a single party that has all power of the state. People who support such political system are of the view that a state can flourish and stay strong as long as the leadership is strong and a single person is governing all the issues of the state. Such political system also has a violent approach as such political system thinks that people should be able to become violent at time and indulge in war when needed to make the nation strong enough. Fascist political system is also opposes people or a group of people who oppose the decisions of state. Violence is promoted through fascists governments for the purpose of creating a powerful nation.

What is the difference between Totalitarianism and Fascism?

Fascism was a political ideology that has its origin in Italy and has been transferred to Germany at a later stage. Fascism is a type of political government in which the state is being governed by a single political party. On the other hand Totalitarianism is a political system in which the power to make all decision of the state is in the control of an individual. Fascism employs the mass communication and media which is controlled by state to spread propaganda that works to provide favor to the ruling people of the state which allows rulers to avoid opposition from the general public. Totalitarianism political system oppresses the rights of an individual from general public through the use of power.