Difference Between Tutor and Teacher

Tutor vs Teacher

We all know who a teacher is and the importance of teachers in our lives. Most of us come in contact with a teacher only when we are grown up sufficiently to be able to sit and learn in a classroom environment. Informally our parents and peers are also our teachers, but we call teachers that we encounter in school as teachers. There is another word tutor that is used for a professional who helps students in clearing their concepts whether in academic subjects or in Vocational training. There are many similarities between a teacher and a tutor. However, there are also differences that will be highlighted in this article.


The concept of teacher and pupil is very old in all cultures across the world. However, in modern times, a teacher is an expert who helps students in grasping the concepts of academic subjects in classroom settings. He follows a structured curriculum and sees to it that all the students in his class are able to understand the lessons he teaches. However, a teacher can be a person who makes the process of learning easier for individuals in all settings and the term is not confined to classroom settings only. A teacher in a classroom setting is not just concerned with teaching as he has to keep records, control the students, conduct their behavior, and follow all instructions given to him while taking classes. A teacher is required to have certain educational skills, and he must have passed certain exams to be eligible to become a teacher in a school.


A tutor is anyone who helps another individual to learn the material that he is trying to understand. This is a term used for a professional who explains the subject in an informal setting and explains the concepts on a one to one basis. A tutor is mostly used in cases where individuals are not able to keep pace with the other students in school and need special instructions to bridge the gap. Tutoring is a job that requires paying special attention to an individual, and though tutoring is a verb that refers to the act of giving instructions, a tutor remain a person teaching a student on a one to one basis.

What is the difference between Tutor and Teacher?

• Both a teacher, as well as a tutor, makes it easier for others to learn, but teacher works in a formal setting whereas a tutor helps individuals in an informal setting.

• Teachers teach in classrooms, in schools, whereas tutors teach either at their place or at the place of the students.

• A teacher takes up many other tasks, in addition to tutoring, such as keeping attendance, keeping records, taking tests, controlling their behavior etc., but a tutor is only concerned with explaining a subject.

• Teachers follow a set curriculum, whereas there is no binding about curriculum for tutors.

• Teacher teaches many students at the same time whereas tutor teaches on a one to one basis.

• Teachers move according to their own pace whereas tutor moves at the pace of his pupil.