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Difference Between Twilight and Dusk

Twilight vs Dusk

Twilight and dusk are words common in English language and are used frequently by people. Twilight is the time before sunrise and after sunset, when there is some amount of light visible in the sky. So technically, though sun has still not risen, we get to see the light in the sky. Also after sunset, when sun is no longer in sight, there remains noticeable amount of light in the sky referred to as twilight period. Twilight can be at dawn and dusk (morning and evening). Many people equate twilight with dusk which is technically not correct. This article attempts to highlight the differences between twilight and dusk.

If a man says that it is twilight because the sun has set, he is technically correct as there is some amount of light still visible in the sky. On the other hand, the same man can say that it is dark because it is dusk. Even now he is technically correct. To make it easier for the people, the light that we see before the sun has risen in the morning or when it has set and yet there is light in the sky is because of the diffusion of light in the sky even though the sun is below the horizon.

Dawn is the break of the day, while the day is yet to start in the twilight; the light we see in the sky is because of diffusion of light of the sun when it is still some way behind the horizon. The same phenomenon takes place at the end of the day when twilight occurs just before dusk which is when the sun has set. Twilight is the time before dusk when there is still some light in the sky though sun has gone down below the horizon (again the same phenomenon of diffusion of light).


What is the difference between Twilight and Dusk?

• Twilight is the time that occurs twice in every 24 hours around dawn and dusk.

• It is twilight at sunset that we see, and thus speak of it only though the same phenomenon is repeated every morning; also, when the sun is rising, and daybreak has not taken place.

• Twilight is the time when one witnesses soft diffused light in the sky though sun has gone down below the horizon.

• Thus, sunset has taken place yet we see some light in the sky.

• Dusk finally indicates the beginning of night and end of the day, as twilight also ends and there is no light in the sky.

• Dusk is a part of twilight that indicates twilight is ending, and there is very dim light or even no light in the sky.



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