Difference between Uggs and Bearpaw

Uggs vs Bearpaw

Boots will never be out of trend. You will always look cool when you wear a pair during some of your winter snow spree. Expect that you can’t avoid people from looking at you and your stylish aura from down below your feet especially when you’re wearing either uggs or bearpaw boots. These are totally different shoe label but a lot, if not all, people aren’t at all recognizing the difference between them when the actual company logo is an unseen.


Uggs are known to manufacture unisex footwear that are derived from sheepskins. An Uggs fanatic will know that their footwear have fleece all around their products, covering the leather making it look more tan and some more fleece on the inner side. The fleece is provided in every shoe they are making so as to lessen the moisture during cold weather to maintain the body temperature of your feet. In addition, clean stitches are visible in the outer side of the boots adding more styles to them. Boots and shoes that are from Uggs vary from the material used in manufacturing, be it from sheepskins, kangaroo fur or leather.


Bearpaw is another well-known manufacturer of sheepskins boots. They are popular for their wallet-friendly prices that are attracting more retailers and money-conscious consumers. Designs of Bearpaw boots and shoes may differ from lace-up to pull-on varieties. Because they are made of sheepskins, you can wear these without any socks even during cold weather. The natural properties of sheepskins allow the circulation of air inside the boots keeping your feet warm. However, Bearpaw had been receiving a lot of criticisms about their authenticity. They are very cheap when compared to other expensive shoe brands like Uggs. This is why people are questioning Bearpaw manufacturers if their products can last like that of the expensive brands. Consumers who aren’t still bought one to make them able to compare are wondering if Bearpaw is as comfortable as Uggs.

They are both identical with each other, identical with the features and, sometimes, are identical with the designs as well. Uggs will cost you a fortune; Bearpaw boots are simply affordable. They are both claiming to provide consumers with the quality they are looking for, from the thermostatic property to the style up to the everlasting usage that will prove the product’s durability.

In brief:

1. Bearpaw and Uggs are made from furs of animals like sheep.

2. Both are popular and well-supported by consumers.

3. Uggs regular boots are available at the price of around $120; Bearpaw regular pair of boots can be bought at a price of around $70.

4. When you have Uggs, you tell people you’re wearing Uggs; when you have Bearpaw, there are instances wherein you tell people that you are wearing Uggs and not Bearpaw.

5. Very similar with their foot-heating properties and the comfort they provide but their pricing makes the difference.

  • sheepskin expert

    They cannot be compared as UGGS are made from sheepskin only and Bearpaw are made from sheepskin glued to suede. They are cheaper as the suede & sheepskin is 1/2 the price of just sheepskin (twin faced or double faced). Just sheepskin “breathes” and let air circulate while suede with sheepskin glued on it does not. You are simply not comparing “Apples with Apples”