Difference Between Ulcer and Cancer

Ulcer vs Cancer

The human body has a cover to protect the body matter. The skin is the visible barrier which gives great protection to the body. Like skin the interior body is covered by mucous membrane. Altogether these coverings named as epithelium. Whenever there is a breech in the epithelium, it is defined as ULCER. Body usually tried to heal the epithelial breech as soon as possible. But healing will be delayed if the cause of the ulcer is not removed. And healing will depends on other factors such as infections, nutrition etc.

Ulcers are common in the stomach. Our body has stomach juice, which is very acid in nature. The Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid which can damage the cells. However the epithelium has its own protections to escape from HCl erosion. When this mechanism failed to protect the gastric epithelium, the ulcer develops.

The ulcer gets worse when the acid erode it more. It results in severe pain. When the ulcer erodes the total thickness of the stomach, the gastric juice may come out of it and causes severe damages. It is called perforated ulcers. This is an emergency.

The ulcer can occur in the duodenum (the part of the small intestine). The duodenal ulcer is bit different from gastric ulcers.

Skin ulcers are common with diabetic patients, because they have less pain sensation and the healing of the wound also less. Skin ulcers are also common in the patients with the severe varicose veins.

Cancer is a condition where our cells are multiplying without our body control. Some cancers can be present as ulcers. Example is the cancer at vulva (The female private region). The esophageal cancer also can present as ulceration in the esophagus. Ulcers which are related to cancer shows some features, they have irregular edges, the base of the ulcer may be irregular. And the colour may be dark in some kind of cancers (The malignant melanoma).

The ulcer can be checked for features of cancer by biopsy. Biopsy is a method where the piece of the tissue taken from the ulcer and examined under microscope. The histology will help us to diagnose the cancer.

In summary,

Ulcers are the breech of epithelium. Usually Ulcers heals by them self if there are no infections or irritation.

Cancers also can present as ulcers. The appearance of cancer is different from normal ulcer.

The confirmation of cancer is done by the biopsy. The cancerous ulcers do not heal them self but enlarge and invade other tissues