Difference Between UPS and FedEx

UPS vs FedEx

UPS and FedEx are the primary competitors in courier industry. When we want either a mail or package delivered, we commonly resort to the two aforementioned shipping companies for them to get to their intended destinations. They are known for their time definite delivery of packages and documents worldwide. One could not help but wonder how these two differs from each other.


UPS is one of the most recognizable companies in the shipping industry that was founded way back in 1907. UPS is public company listed in the NYSE. Their main services are courier express, freight forwarding and logistics. They have those messengers that wear the iconic brown uniform that you could practically recognize from a mile away. As for their motto, they have the gold shield icon on their brand symbol that pretty much epitomizes what they are as a company- a brand that holds strength and security on high regard.


FedEx is also a public company listed in the NYSE which was founded in 1971. FedEx has the patented “Relax, its FedEx” as the brand’s motto. It is regarded as the second largest company in the shipping industry. This brand is also popularly known as the sponsor of sporting events like the National Basketball Association and the National Football League. Because of their association with the world of sports, they are also a very famous brand on their own right.

Difference between UPS and FedEx

UPS is initially recognized by people with their messengers wearing the popular brown uniform and the gold shield symbol on their brand; whereas, FedEx is popularly known for their famous association with the sports industry and with their sponsorship with the NBA and the NFL. While UPS can handle packages up to 150 pounds, FedEx can handle packages of whatever weight but charge extra for packages that weigh more than 70 pounds. UPS has approximately 427,700 employees; FedEx work force is currently over 280,000 employees. UPS has 7.9 million customers in over 200 countries worldwide; whereas, FedEX is known to deliver 6.5 million packages daily in more than 220 countries.

Both are known to be efficient and well-known companies in the shipping industry but they are relatively different in ways we did not know before.

In brief:

• UPS can handle packages up to 150 pounds; FedEx charge extra if the package weighs more than 70 pounds.

• UPS is known for its’ gold shield symbol; FedEx is initially known for its’ sports association.