Difference Between Urban and Rural Communities

Urban vs Rural Communities

There are classifications of human settlements as rural and urban in different countries and criterion for marking as a community as rural or urban is different in different countries. Mostly a settlement is classified as urban when the density of population is high. So you would find cities and towns densely populated whereas rural areas such as villages and hamlets are sparsely populated. This has become all the more evident in modern times because of large scale population of disenchanted youth from rural areas to cities in search of better employment opportunities. There are countries that are dominated by rural areas while there are some that have very little rural communities. In the west, you would find that very few people are engaged in farming activities that form the backbone of rural communities whereas there are countries like India where despite all the modernization, agriculture still remains the major source of income for a majority of the population. As a result, in countries like India rural communities are more than urban communities. In this article we shall try to highlight the differences between these two types of communities.


Urban communities are characterized by large scale industrialization that is evident from the high number of employment opportunities in these areas. The situation is similar whether we talk of a city in a developing or a developed city. On the other hand, rural communities are conspicuous by the absence of industrialization though there are advancement in terms of farm equipment and machinery.


On thing that is always associated with urban communities is pollution. On the other hand, rural communities are blessed in this regard as they can still breathe in pure and natural air. This has to do with not just industries but also modern means of transport such as motorcycles, cars, buses and other modes of transport.


Rural communities are markedly different from urban communities if one looks at both from the point of view of lifestyles. Life in cities and towns is very fast paced and people seem to be in an eternal hurry trying to beat the clock. On the other hand, life is relaxed and slow paced in rural communities. People in villages have more time for leisure activities and seem to enjoy nature more than people in urban communities.

Rural communities get pure dairy products and other food products such as vegetables and fruits whereas there is also possibility of contamination and pollution when it comes to these things for urban communities. All this is reflected in better health and fitness of rural communities than urban communities.

Rural communities are not that bothered by fashion and fashionable clothes as their counterparts in cities. There are no shopping malls in villages and people happily make do with what is on offer while people in urban communities remain perplexed with what is in fashion and what is outdated all the time.

Parties and social gatherings are an integral part of the lives of people in urban communities while these are very few in case of rural communities One thing in favor of urban communities is that because of technological advancement, they reap the rewards of better civic amenities though even on this count rural communities are never comp0laining and happy with what they get.

In brief:

Urban vs Rural Communities

• Rural communities are sparsely populated while urban communities are densely populated

• Urban communities reap the rewards of advancements and technical gadgets whereas rural communities are closer to nature and reap health benefits

• There is much pollution in urban communities while there is much less in rural communities

• Rural communities are not much concerned with fashion while fashion remains at the top of priorities of people in urban communities

• Lifestyle in rural communities is natural and relaxed while it is fast and stressful for urban communities.