Difference Between USPS First Class and Priority

USPS First Class vs Priority

USPS is an acronym that stands for United States Postal Services, and this is one organization that is providing service to millions of people in the country by ensuring fast and efficient delivery of their letters, envelopes, and parcels. While First Class is the entry level service, Priority is a rung above First Class and has a system of delivery that is faster than First Class; in most of the cases, delivery of parcels does take place in 2-3 days, though there is no guarantee. This feature makes Priority a bit more expensive than First Class. However, there are many more differences between First Class and Priority that will be discussed in this article.

While there are similarities in pricing , weight restrictions, and sizes of envelops and parcels, the very fact that one has peace of mind as he knows his letter or parcel will be delivered in a matter of 2-3 days across most of the destinations inside the country barring Hawaii and Alaska. However, there have been instances when even after booking their mails in Priority mail service; delivery did not take place even after a week. So, if you have no qualms about your letter or parcel reaching its destination in 4-5 days (that is, you not run a home based business), it is better to stick to First Class as it is cheaper. In fact, for local addresses it has been found that mails reach within a day when booked through First Class. Then why pay more and get delivery after 2-3 days when one can have delivery the next day at lower prices?

Another point of difference between First Class and Priority mail is that one gets an official receipt with First Class with details of receiving the packet printed on it. This receipt is not available in case of Priority mails. However, insurance is available in case of Priority mails only and one can insure the contents up to $100 that are payable to him in case of damage or loss of parcel.

What is the difference between USPS First Class and Priority?

• For sending mails, letters or parcels locally or up to a distance of 600 miles, it is better to make use of First Class rather than Priority as it has been seen that delivery takes place in a day or two.

• To send envelopes or parcels to farther states, ensuring faster delivery within 2-3 days, it is better to go with Priority mail service, though it does not give any guarantee of delivery within 2-3 days.

• In fact, Priority mail does not apply to states like Hawaii and Alaska, so do not make use of Priority mail if sending parcels to any of these two states

• Feature of certificate of mailing is available with First Class, while insurance of up to $100 is available with Priority only