Difference Between Veal and Beef

Veal vs Beef

There is a significant difference between veal and beef in the texture, colour, taste, and many other properties. However, before deepening into differences, it would be important to study the characteristics of beef and veal. The particulars of those characteristics and differences are discussed in this article for a better understanding.


Veal is a term to describe the flesh of young cattle. The term veal depends neither on the sex nor on the breed of cattle, but the age. There are five types of veal depending on the age. Bob veal is the meat from the five-day-old calves. Formula-fed veal, aka Milk-fed veal is the meat from 18 to 20 weeks old calves. These meats are ivory to cream in colour with a firm and fine velvety appearance. Non-formula fed veal, aka Red veal or Grain-fed veal, is the meat from 22 to 26 weeks old calves, and the meat is darker in colour at this stage. Rose veal comes from 35 weeks old calves, and this meat is rose in colour. Free raised veal is coming from the calves that are raised in the pasture, and they being slaughtered around 24 weeks of age. All these types of veal are tender in texture and popular in culinary uses, especially in French and Italian cuisines.


Beef is a culinary name for the flesh of adult cattle or any bovine. Beef comes from both bulls and cows. Usually, beef is red in colour hard in texture. As beef is a hard meat, it is aged using different techniques to develop additional tenderness and flavour. Interestingly, there are different ways to cut beef for different cooking purposes known as streak, roast, and short ribs. More to the interest, some of those cuts are processed like smoked beef. There are various other products related with beef, for an example the meat is mixed with the other tasters and produce sausages and meatballs. Not only muscles, but also the parts viz. liver, brain, pancreas, and bowels also called as beef. In addition to those, some people use the blood of these slaughtered animals to produce several foods. With all these varieties, beef accounts for 25% of the world’s meat production, and it is the third most widely consumed meat. There are faster growing cattle breeds, known as beef cattle that are raised only for meat purpose to meet the high demand. Angus, Hereford, and Brahman are some of the popular beef cattle breeds.

What is the difference between Veal and Beef?

· Beef is the meat from fully-grown cattle those are more than two years old, whereas veal is the meat of young cattle that are less than three or four months old and are milk fed calves.

· Beef is hard, but veal is tender in texture.

· Usually, beef is red coloured, while veal is yellow or pink in colour.

· Veal has more cholesterol compared to beef.

· Veal is classified into five types according to the age of the calf, but there is no such classification for beef.

· There are different meat cuts for beef, but those are not common in veal.

· Beef has a higher demand and consumption as a meat compared to veal.