Difference Between Violin and Guitar

Violin vs Guitar

Violin and Guitar are two kinds of musical instruments that are used variedly by the musicians. They certainly differ from each other in terms of their characteristics and other features.

A violin is a string instrument that is usually characterized by the presence of four strings. They are to be tuned in perfect fifths. On the other hand a guitar is a plucked string instrument.

A violin is played with the help or the assistance of a bow. On the other hand a guitar is played with the help of the fingers or a pick. A bow is not used in the playing of a guitar. This is one of the main differences between violin and guitar.

A violin is sometimes called as fiddle too by the experts of music. A guitar is usually made of varieties of wood and nylon or steel strings are used in the making of a guitar. You will also find some of the guitars made of polycarbonate substances. On the other hand parts of a violin are usually made of different types of wood. It is interesting to note that electric violins are not made of any kind of wood at all.

Guitar is usually classified into three main types, namely, the classic guitar, the steel-string acoustic guitar and the archtop guitar. On the other hand the related instruments of the violin are the viola and the cello.

It is important to know that violin is used in the play of variety of musical genres. They include Baroque music, classical music, jazz music, folk music and rock and roll music. On the other hand guitar too is used in the playing of various musical genres such as blues, country, jazz, rock, reggae and pop.

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